1. S

    I am advertiser i want popunder traffic. you want earn more $$$

    Hello Friends She is my friend She wants popunder traffic "Sir/madam i am advertiser i want popunder traffic. Not CPA. I want normal quality traffic. i want arbitrage popunder traffic. Geo: USA Type: CPM/CPC OS : all Browser: all Both: Adults and mainstream BID: 1000/0.15$-0.20$...
  2. samparker1

    Onreal Ads - Marketing and Advertising Network

    Onreal Ads(https://onreal.xyz/) is marketing and advertising network. Publishers: Onreal Ads is a free, simple way to make money online by placing ads on your website. 5% Referral Bonus Advertisers: Onreal Ads is an online advertising network, simple way to Advertise your business and...
  3. mbd

    From where to get High Quality Traffic ?

    From where to get High Quality Traffic ?
  4. updatesvc

    [ULTIMATE] Popunder,Banner Ad, Website, PTC, YT Armybot Guide

    So you probably have blog, youtube channel , twitch account, website , PTC account that you have been struggling with, in the making money online hype train. Well this guide is for you especially if you use traffic exchanges. You know it's gonna be good when there is a disclaimer.:giddy...
  5. A

    447,052 view for only 23.57$ !!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys, first of all i am sorry for bad English ... can you imagine this? 447k views for only 23$ !!!!! the problem is traffic coming from india, $1.91 for 134,817 views (30% of total views) OK, i know 40% of visitors used Ad-blocks or even more, but i think 10000% of Indian used it :) Also i...
  6. updatesvc

    CPC ,CPM/Traffic and Popunder Traffic Exchange $$$

    We all need $$$ whether through CPC sites or CPM or PPC or Popunders. CPC explanation/definition. Have you tried all traffic exchanges and none work for you. You keep getting banned etc. Well here is the Ultimate traffic exchange . Here is a short tutorial. Also works for banner ads but...
  7. CriticSay

    CriticSay Introduction + Bing Ads 100$ for 0,3 $ (My Method)

    Hi, my name is Ricardo, and I am 16 years old. Actually I am not really "Newbie" to this forum. I want to share something with you, like many of you shared with me. So... Just google this, "30 cent host" and you will probably find something like this. (I can't post links :/ ) Buy the...
  8. coolindark

    ClickShip :)

    Hello guys, I'd like to start a thread about clicking to my ads in website. Please get in to my site from this link: PageSurfers <- goo.gl link for track. Actually goes to pagesurfers.com :thumbs: Please click only one Mellowads ad. Ad is on top right. 300x250 Once you click, share your...
  9. kwesi8

    Up to $0.25 per click: Adult Ad Network.

    Exotic Ads. Optimized Adult Advertising. Make the most out of your ads and traffic with the fastest growing adult ad network. BUY TRAFFIC: > Proven ad targeting that gets billions of impressions worldwide. > Reach global web and mobile traffic optimally and effectively. > Real-time stats &...
  10. italianovero

    anyone use Traffic Click Botz ??

    Anyone use this tool ? which advertiser you have ?
  11. italianovero

    how to improve adsense earnings ?

    i'm working on adsense whit my real traffic i got this yesterday and today i have seen lot of adsense account whit 1€ per click i have only italian traffic My question is... how to improve this ? the banner clicked is this
  12. mazbron

    BUY WTB Bingads Account

    Hi everyone.. I got 2 Bingads Coupon and 1 Adword Coupon $100 each. The matter is i don't have bingads and adword acc lol, maybe you guys sell it to me? Account that I mention above must be ready to redeem coupons :D Thanks
  13. B

    CPC Adult Ad Network - Earn up to $.25 per click!

    Hey Folks! I want to introduce you Exotic Ads. We are now adding new publishers to our network. The network is owned by Chaturbate so there are pros working behind the scenes. The support is perfect and fast, never had one problem at all. I joined Exotic Ads almost 4 weeks ago and all i can say...
  14. K

    any cpc network can recommend to me

    i need cpc company thanks
  15. clickpride

    Adsense/CPC/CPA/PPI/PPD and all money making idea exchange group

    We make sites/blogs, sign them up for AdSense/Media.net, and then click each other's ads for $$$. Long story: Really, I'd call this grayhat, but some of you may find this useful, especially if you're on a shoestring budget and have some extra time to make cash. Google's AdSense and Yahoo's...