1. S

    I am advertiser i want popunder traffic. you want earn more $$$

    Hello Friends She is my friend She wants popunder traffic "Sir/madam i am advertiser i want popunder traffic. Not CPA. I want normal quality traffic. i want arbitrage popunder traffic. Geo: USA Type: CPM/CPC OS : all Browser: all Both: Adults and mainstream BID: 1000/0.15$-0.20$...
  2. samparker1

    Onreal Ads - Marketing and Advertising Network

    Onreal Ads(https://onreal.xyz/) is marketing and advertising network. Publishers: Onreal Ads is a free, simple way to make money online by placing ads on your website. 5% Referral Bonus Advertisers: Onreal Ads is an online advertising network, simple way to Advertise your business and...
  3. harsh1412

    Suggest me a good CPM and CPC Network for indian Traffic [Legit]

    Hey guys, I recently gained some SEO traffic on my sites. Yes SITES, Total Traffic is around 3K+ on all the sites per day, they all are legit but they all are indian traffic. But i can't apply for Adsense because the sites are basically movie download websites. Currently i have signed up with...
  4. samwarez

    Need adult ad networks for my site

    Must-Have Features * High CPC/CPM * High Popunder rate * Effective Antiadblock script
  5. mbd

    From where to get High Quality Traffic ?

    From where to get High Quality Traffic ?
  6. Varunsin

    Hitleap traffic

    I recently got access to tonnes of hitleap traffic like 500K - 1M hits/day and I can scale it up even further if need be. currently I am working with someone from this forum but he is not interested in more then 500K hits/day so I am looking for other possibilities. I am looking for adnetworks...
  7. khsunlimited

    Adpays site PTP min pay $5

    Site Adpays accept bot traffic by SSH , not use hitleap . I will guiding you if you want. Site pay via paypal,bitcoin,payza New proof
  8. F

    Looking for AD Network

    Does anyone here know of an ad network that fulfills the following requirements? Looking to display ads on a website. No minimum monthly/daily viewers required Fast or instant approval Does banner ads Must be able to deliver ads over SSL (HTTPS). Low-ish cashout minimum CPM would be...
  9. updatesvc

    [ULTIMATE] Popunder,Banner Ad, Website, PTC, YT Armybot Guide

    So you probably have blog, youtube channel , twitch account, website , PTC account that you have been struggling with, in the making money online hype train. Well this guide is for you especially if you use traffic exchanges. You know it's gonna be good when there is a disclaimer.:giddy...
  10. Benni0315


    Hello guys, You might be heard that : Companys like Pepsi,Cocacola usw. dont invest in youtube anymore. Why? Youtube Monetiezed rasistic videos and companys (CocaCola usw.) dont like that. What now? Much Cpms are VERY low like 16 cents or something. Or: Pewdiepew only earned 100 dollars with a...
  11. tungaqhd

    Need Some CPM Network

    Hello, i am having big amount of fake traffic ( both mobi and deskop) i need some cpm,popup,redirect network that can be cheated :happy: Please suggest me some network, i will ref under you. THANK YOU SO MUCH
  12. D

    iframe traffic

    hi im looking for iframe traffic providers please i will choose the best offer or suggetions thanks..
  13. Ussagui

    Best CPM for TE

    Hi guys,, i got extra "points" in Otohits HitLeap and Websync, where should i spend it? (and how/best config/best way) i was thinking about a CPM ... Thanks!
  14. GamesWorld

    Ways to get legit traffic? Short video VS Long Video?BEST CPM?

    hey guys what is the best way to get legit traffic? short video or long video what are good to have more chance to get real views? it's more easy to get with short or long videos? and to make good money with not soo much views, it's good ads on short videos or long videos to get a good CPM and...
  15. W

    Traffic-Exchange-Enquiry !!

    Hi If you have many minutes in traffic exchange sites like hitleap or any alternative ... which best CPM companies in this time you will use for that .. ? Thanks
  16. rajkumar31

    Make money $ easily with AdBit (Autopilot with payment proof)

    I am going to present with you AdBit, a legit site that pays for each ad that is shown on your website. So based on the number of views on your website, your earnings will vary. The earnings are based on CPM concept and you get revenue only when an ad is displayed on your website. Don't worry...
  17. Joycoll

    CPM Network That Accept Fake Traffic

    Is there any legit cpm are accept Fake traffic ? give me some address of this type network. thanks
  18. suryaagung

    CPMPoint/Ptp {method}

    CPMPoint is a reliable and trustworthy CPM ad network. We provide an innovative interface, highest CPM in the industry, low payouts and live statistics for our users. We do not allow autosurf, manual surf, proxy or any source to drive artificial traffic. We only accept sites which has real human...
  19. A

    Hello to everyone

    Hello guys! I am Igor from Adwirk I am head of bussines department of ad network Adwirk I am looking for partners who need traffic at good prices. We have direct sources and affilliates. Work on CPC/CPM/CPV All type of display traffic: banners and full page/pop up/popunder ads. We work with...
  20. jennifer1994

    Bank Hard From A-ads.com | Proof | Bonus

    Prooooof Register - REF Register - Non Ref 1# Make A account - Make an Ad Unit use my ref to get the bonus 2# Put the ads unit in your website or blogger 3# Send Eny TE Traffic + t.co shorting link Bonus For My Ref i will give you guys this template for blogger For Free PM ME