1. dessibay

    First on chain Social Network where you make $$$

    Twetch. The decentralized social network where you own your data and earn money for your content. On Twetch, interactions are micropayments. All of your content on Twetch is signed by you and stored on the blockchain, so it is always accessible to you. I have already been involved in twetch for...
  2. pietro11160

    TetherRate - The Preev of Tether

    it’s a simple fast to loading USDt to Cryptocurrency converter helps to see Tether to btc, eth, bnb... exchange rate before selling your tether holdings or buying. same as Preev, TetherRate will be ads free – in the website there’s donation address for people that want to contribute. In the...
  3. ansi09

    BlockFolio Pre-Registration For A Chance To Win Good Prize | Launching Their Own Exchange This Year

    - BlockFolio Exchange Airdrop - The Famous Portfolio Manager Application Blockfolio Will Launch A New Cryptocurency Trading Exchange This is Pre-Registration For A New Trading Experience That Will Be Launching. If You Sign Up, You Get A Chance To...
  4. coininpjs

    The Crypto Homepage (Great Free Tool To Increase Your Crypto)

    Hello everyone, Today I will share with you my handmade tool that I use multiple times a day to help increase my crypto holdings. Basically I made a "browser startup page" that is simple and lists the top 4 crypto faucets and has a google image to take you directly to if you need to...
  5. ansi09

    Solana and FTX AirDrop - Up to $500 Worth Of Solana Coins To Win

    Solana and FTX AirDrop Create an account at FTX FTX Referral ID: ansi3969658 It Will Be Mandatory To Fill complete simple tasks and submit your details to get up to $500 SOL tokens - Airdrop Rules -
  6. ansi09

    Atomic Wallet Airdrop - Registering + Installing Wallet = Free 15 AWC (Wort $13)

    Join Now How To Join The AirDrop: 1 - Install Atomic Wallet Download The App ( and request for Airdrop. 3 - Get your promo code Verify your email to receive a referral link. 3 - Receive AWC Share your referral code and get a reward! Get Wallet...
  7. sunnymaker

    where to get trusted Cryptocurrency Trade Signals

    i have invested some money in livecoin and binance for trading, but i don't know how to start :justno:
  8. btcven

    Get passive income with EDC by leasing your coins. STEP BY STEP Autopilot

    Hello Guys. Long time ago without posting something. I usually come here to read what's new and find something cool. I've been investigating this project and it has a lot of time. This project is called EDC blockchain and it has tons of people around the world (Around 1 million users active)...
  9. funaddaa

    Earn Crypto using Publish0x Social Platform

    Hello to my readers in this space, as I usually do am here to share another awesome blockchain project with you guys! In this article, I will share about a blockchain-based agnostic ecosystem where you can earn money by merely reading or publishing like what most has experienced here with...
  10. btcven

    Crypto Mining Group - POS mining and Masternode

    Hello folks. Today I present you... Crypto Mining Group (CMG) CMG is a Spain based company that will make you earn crypto using POS and Masternodes. They also have a referral system called (Friendship Circle with 3 level referrals) you can read the presentation here It's very easy to...
  11. Frank67

    New Cryptokitties-esque Browser Game Utilizing Cryptocurrency NIMIQ - $1+ Passive Crypto Income Daily!

    There is a new cryptocurrency with many interesting projects surrounding it. Many of you may know of cryptokitties, a popular cryptocurrency based browser game where virtual cats could be breed/bought/sold for their ethereum smart contract-backed traits. Cryptokitties peaked with kitty sales...
  12. McOneCry

    REQUEST Cryptocurrency Auto-buy/sell bot

    Hello Everyone! I would like to ask you if: Is there any bot like that? Functions I need: it looks for a X cryptocurrency in Y Exchange. Let's say we input exchange: Then we write What bot should buy: for example Electroneum Then we set minimum price and it buys it for X money...
  13. Z

    Give me money making idea

    Hellow everybody,,,,,,, I am new here.Anyone please help to earn money from online.I am interested to earn cryptocurrency coin.Give me some idea or link. Thanks in advance..............
  14. cryptic2016

    What Cryptocurrency Do You Think Will Make It Big In 2018?

    Just curious what coins everyone think will have a good run in 2018. Currently my picks are QTUM SMART VEN What are yours?
  15. IvanLudvig

    Airdrop - Pixiecoin free 5 coins

    PIXIECOIN A decentralized virtual goods trading platform to serve content creators,to help designers creating, socializing and liquidating in the worldwide. 1. Join Our Official Telegram Channel! 2. Send your exclusive code to earn token reward! Every friend you...
  16. IvanLudvig

    Airdrop|free 10 STC tokens|Dimensions network

    Dimensions Network You will receive: 10 STC Tokens when you sign up. 10 STC Tokens for each friend you refer. 10 STC Tokens for each friend who contributes at least 0.5 ETH to the token sale. Get your free tokens nonref
  17. Pricelezz

    [AIRDROP] Receive 25 FREE Affiliate Coins(AFL)

    Register at AffiliateCoin to receive 25 AFL for Free! SIGN UP no ref --- Post updated --- BUMPING --- Post updated --- BUMPING
  18. IvanLudvig

    Airdrop Free 10 CLBK CellBlocks tokens

    Get free CellBlocks tokens for joining our Telegram, and Twitter channels. Also, for each friend you refer, both you and your friend will each receive 10 CLBK for free. Token distribution is set to start on March 1st 2018 free tokens non ref --- Post updated --- bump
  19. Pricelezz

    [AIRDROP] GET 25 ConnectX Tokens for joining their Webinar!

    ConnectX A private network of small satellites that stores digital currency wallets and performs financial transactions ‘off-planet’ eliminating the use of the Internet. Join as my Referral here :love2: Non Ref Link :( PS: Take a look at my airdrop telegram channel for more airdrops! ---...
  20. cryptic2016

    Cryptocurrency Tips, Coins To Buy/Watch and more

    This is a handy newsletter for anyone looking to get into Cryptocurrency and doesn't know what coins to buy, or simply doesn't have the time to research. Its free to signup (you only need an email) - Enjoy!