1. Destroid

    SELL Custom Landing Pages

    I want to sell custom landing pages made by me. I work fulltime as a Fullstack Developer on an IT company but want to make a few extra money so I am up for this. When you contact me please say how you want the pages and if possible bring a scratch of how you want it. 30 Euros on PayPal per...
  2. skykipe

    SELL Custom username .EDU email

    Hello guys, now i want to selling my service for make custom username .edu email. what username, i can make? username contain alphabet(a-z) not character like . and _ and number(0-9). minimal character for username is 6 character Price $4 $3.5 for one username one email (need 1-3x24 hour)...
  3. f4bio

    Anybody have experience with custom clothes/hats?

    I want to give making and selling my own branded clothing a go, in real life not in an online store. I think I will start off with hats (dad hats) as they're one size fits all, whereas I would have to order loads of different sizes if it were clothing. Does anybody have experience or know the...
  4. BitMiner

    SELL CHEAP 1080p 60fps Customizable GamePlay Videos

    1080p 60fps - $2 -or- 225 t$ Watermark if you wish and customization 1080p 30fps - $1 -or- 150 t$ Watermark if you wish and customization 720p 60fps - $0.70 Customization 720p 30fps - $0.50 Customization (A freebie for seniors who joined before me the...
  5. Pikachu!

    SELL Customized fake bots

    These bots are FAKE - they are to bait your YouTube viewers into clicking your adfly or ouo links, and do not actually work. Because of this, I'm selling them cheap, and I'm making them from scratch. I'll include the source code (VS2013) as well as the latest build. Programmed in C# (not VB...
  6. JP

    SELL Custom Scripts

    Hello,,! I'm up again offering new service i.e; Custom Scripts. I'm now taking orders on custom scripts (Usually Small things and small functionality.) If the concept of script is nice and you agree to sell that script to multiple users then their might be a discount. Have done Content...
  7. Marth

    SELL Gameplay Videos

    My Steam game list exported incorrectly, I will update the link to the list of games soon. Sorry about that!
  8. Cees


    Premium domain name any offers?