1. Turkuaz

    How to become dailtmotion mcn?

    Friends, i want to ask you how can i become dailymotion network(mcn)?
  2. sedlitchi

    I need a Dailymotion ad skipper...it must work with tampermonkey on chrome...i will pay for the service

    Right now i'm using 'chromium browser automation' extension for chrome but unfortunately is not on autopilot, it requires user input (clicks, etc) I'm using a bookmarklet that skips any unskippable ads that work with javascript: javascript: (function(){...
  3. ZX3

    dailymotion sdk php uploading with proxy?

    can anyone get this to work with the proxy set? https://paste.ofcode.org/dXMXfHZ32truPZw9wpUqi5 https://github.com/dailymotion/dailymotion-sdk-php/blob/master/Dailymotion.php Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'DailymotionApiException' with message 'Invalid API server response'
  4. D

    D & W - The auto traffic exchange viewer session

    I don't know why can not post a link here. Want to more information, please visit us with link at signature.
  5. ZX3

    REVIEW MY SITE DailyMotion Mass Rank Checker

    http://s33d.ml/ preview --- Post updated --- for now it only checks the first two pages, I'll be adding options for selecting the amount of pages to check. let me know if anyone has false ranks returned, they are pretty accurate so far. Would this type of site be acceptable to use for adsense?
  6. Schw0ZeH

    Since YT is dead

    Hi everyone and welcome. Since this boycott with YT and such, I decided to make an account on DM and I saw there are plenty of ads. I did some digging if they actually pay in 2017 and I found nothing. That's why I am here. Does any of you doing DM or has gotten paid this year? Is it worth it...
  7. Riizq


    Hello TBN, Been lurking a lot lately. But now I want to get involved with the community and get to know and make friends here at TBN. I have been trying dailymotion / TE method. Earned 0.69$(69 Baby!) in 4 days. Yay!?? Umm I bought 2 VPS yesterday, 1 for wordpress and 1 for autosurfing...
  8. A

    Dailymotion Dead Or alive

    hello guys ii just want to know is dailymotion alive or dead bcoz i can't see any people talking about dailymotion here . so please let me know if its still working or not
  9. K

    Greetings from third world country

    Hi guys, i am very new to this forum. i just discovered this recently. was using other popular forums. Will be expecting a lot of good ideas staying here and a lot of cash along the journey. PS: Anybody know how to bypass dailymotion copyright?
  10. K

    When does dailymotion update my earnings?

    I've sent 500 hits for my video but still at $0 earnings. how often do they update the earnings?
  11. B

    Can I Still earn money with legit traffic on Dailymotion

    so i have made an acc on DM ,,, and my niche is music ... can i still earn there ..i only share video on my group with 26k ppl ..please answer ASAP
  12. GamesWorld

    Dailymotion partner vs Dailymotion Network partner

    hi guys, if anyone moderator think this post is not on the correct section i ask please to the moderator to move on the right section ^^ i try a legit dailymotion channels and i'm very satisfied and i want of course be partner, add the monetization on dailymotion. of course for now reach the...
  13. NightlifeZz

    Dailymotion Earnings (Real views)

    I was testing out a livestream on dailymotion just to see what its like livestreaming. I sent my viewers over and these were my results. Are they accurate or not? I'm using the Freedom partnership with Dailymotion so I don't know if that affected the results.
  14. jaum

    The Limitless:Talent Management Agency:No Lock-In:Up to 95% Rev. Share

    Hello there! I'm here to reintroduce our company, The Limitless. I've been working to build this for months now. And here it is. Finally, after a lot of struggles. I would like to share this to you guys for an opportunity to earn money on YouTube. The Limitless is a former subnetwork. This is...
  15. godss

    New Traffic Exchange TheCyberHits

    Hello TBN ID Like To Bring You Guys My New T/E Keep TheCyberHits.com - Free Members Will Start With 5 Slots - Free Members Will be Allowed 3 Ip/VPS - Free Members Start With 200 Credits - All Members Have Geo Targeting - Our System Auto Hides URL - Auto Surf - Paid Members Will Have 50...
  16. W

    Dailymotion stats

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and would like to ask some question. May be 3 days ago I registered on dailymotion and turned on the monetization. But my earning stats still doesn't show any impressions but my normal view stats do. How many days does is take to start counting impressions? I...
  17. ksmartguy

    BOT Dailymotion Remote Uploader +

    Use Remotely upload videos to your dailymotion channel Steps Goto http://www.dailymotion.com/settings/developer Create a new API key Copy the API key Goto http://dm-remote-uploader.appspot.com/ Click GET ACCESS TOKEN Enter the api key ( see screenshots ) Click GET Now you'll see access token...
  18. leovicio

    Hits Flix beta

    HitsFlix Traffic Exchange Features : SIMPLE & EASY Everything is simple & easy to use - We guarantee you the best experience with our service. SAFE Is a Smart & secure system keeps you and your websites Safe, Visitors can enter your site directly, no iframe, no referer, no tricks AUTOMATIC...
  19. CoderChris

    BOT Dailymotion Uploader+ v1.1

    WARNING: You risk having your uploading suspended? :notsure: Quick bot I made to make uploading Youtube videos to Dailymotion very easy. Instructions 1. Get your list of Youtube urls. Put them inside urls.txt (1 per line). 2. Create an API key here. (Please try to figure this out yourself...
  20. leovicio

    HitsFlix (Beta Stage)

    This is 4.0.1. More Stable And No Bugs For Now ACCEPET ALL PTP SITES FOR NOW. Enjoy [Send me PTP sites to Add Whitelist] Features : SIMPLE & EASY Everything is simple & easy to use - We guarantee you the best experience with our service. SAFE Is a Smart & secure system keeps you and your...