1. dreadpixel

    USER GIVEAWAY [FREE] GROW your Linkedin connections - Experiment

    Hello everyone, I am doing an experiment. I want to help you all grow your connections, you will have to tell me the niche keywords and I will provide with 100+ emails so you can import into your connections. After having results, please answer back telling me how it worked for...
  2. MohammedRidh

    [AIRDROP] FREE 20 DTA per referral | Already on exchange

    I've been following DTA since their first airdrop, and now they have released their new 2nd Airdrop. You will receive 20 DTA per referral on 13th February ( Just 4 more days). You can get the bonus, even if you joined the 1st airdrop. And the best thing is, it is already on exchange and...
  3. iLuvBhat

    BUY (Easy Job) Data entry Service

  4. E

    Any other auto login methods besides cUrl?

    Hello guys, I wanna program an autologin script that can automatically login to a plattform and scrape data from a specific website (url) after that. Now I know that it works with cURL on some sites, but not all. Do you know other methods I can use or try to auto login and scrape data? I...
  5. aragbayeccs

    OFFER [FREE GLOBAL] McAfee Internet Security 2017 - 6 Month Subscription **2 DAYS:15H LEFT**

    Hi all, come fast, protect your pc and enjoy this freebie. 2 DAYS AND 15 HOURS LEFT from now. Clic here, YES I WANT THIS Fill out form with data required Click GIVE IT TO ME NOW and...
  6. P

    Ad blocker that pays you

    Many of you that use ad blockers know that the largest ones like AdBlock Plus are getting paid BIG money (hundreds of millions a year) to allow ads. Those adblockers keep all the money themselves. I saw this new ad blocker on TwitTV Screensavers episode 66. It is called Ourdata and after you...
  7. antfuentes87

    SELL Website Automation / Scraping

    Need tasks on a website automated? Need data scraped from a website? Look no further, I can build any kind of website automation/scraping bot you need! If you also need proxy, captcha, or multi-threading support I am able to include those in the bot as well. I normally use Python + Selenium...
  8. Yidir

    What's the price of internet data in your country ?

    I ever said that 3g is expensive here so i wanted to know about international prices. We're speaking about 3G/4G Plans , in USD @ the official dollar rate. those are my country 3G plans (DZ) : 50MB = $1 --24h 200MB = $2 -- 48h 400MB = $3 -- 72h 1GB = $10 -- 30 days 3GB = $25 -- 30 days #Best...