1. Kobayashi

    SELL JetBrains All Products Pack 1 year license

    JetBrains: Developer Tools for Professionals and Teams It includes: * ReSharper Ultimate * ReSharper, ReSharper C++, dotCover, dotTrace and dotMemory bundled in one license * IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate * A complete toolset for JVM-based web, mobile and enterprise development * AppCode * Smart...
  2. C

    Developer / Investor Intro

    Hey All! Nice to find this community. Found a bunch of cool things on the deeper forums that drew me to the site, hoping the community here is interesting enough to keep me involved and around. I'm a developer / systems guy at a big tech company. Something the cloud in some rainforest or...
  3. A


    i love this forum and it help anytime for me :)
  4. xcash

    SELL Web and App Development service

    Hello TBNer's! I'm a Computer Scientist here to help you develop your websites and iOS applications. I'm really good on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, Swift and Python. I have good for TBN! Contact me for a quote. Check my projects at One of the projects that I...
  5. J

    New Modern Member

    Hello TBN community...... Allow me to introduce myself I 'm Jassra046 My Main Interests :- Be Online Forever...Provide Knowledge To People.. Want To Develop The World...Do Accureate Work.. I Have A Youtube Channel On Which I Most Of Upload Tutorial Of Tricks..And Cracks...Hacked...
  6. S

    Cookie Monster

    Hello tbn, I am the cookie monster.I am a software developer looking for ideas for bots.My skills are as follows: [Advanced/Professional C# - 5 years experience [Advanced] Web languages (HTML/HTML5, CSS, Javascript , MYSQL) - 3 years experience [Intermediate] PHP - 2 years experience C++ -...
  7. sleak

    developer needed

    I need a developer to help me design a custom script for my bitcoin faucet....I need one like no other with a lot of custom preferences.....if interested please reply
  8. Z

    Hi, I'm a software developer and I'm here to help

    Lousy introduction, I know! anyways... yes, I'm a software engineer and I develop bots for a living. You read that right "bots for a living". I would like to start introducing some of my old and new creations to this great community and maybe help some of you on your own creations, why not! I'm...
  9. Rangers

    SELL Selling Google Play Developer Account

    ============================================== UPDATE: THREAD CLOSED: ACCOUNT SOLD ============================================== Hi I got 1 Google play developer account Price: 39$ (negotiable) PRICE UPDATED: 3/12/2016 Payment method: BTC or T$ Google play developer account with G-mail...
  10. R3XZORS

    Need Help From Website Developers/Coders

    @Cory @TJ @HeavenKatana please delete this thread thank you:)
  11. pankajjangir

    BUY Looking for PHP Developer

    Hello, I own a video searching website that have multiple URL (create automatically). I need a small help from your side. I have a PHP script that create/generate sitemap file automatically (when I open that file in browser it start creating sitemap). The help I need is the file should create...
  12. B

    New Portfolio Website

    Check out my new "portfolio" contains some previous websites I've built as well as some tech I use. Let me know how you like the layout and if everything makes sense.
  13. britain28


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