1. J

    Helo Everyone

    I am an SEO person and Looking for high Traffic, Solutions to my problems and Yes, Of course, Discussing Arena where things can be discussed to increase my knowledge. Hope this Platform works well as per my Demands. Thanks.
  2. I

    Hey Im New

    Hey everyone. Im new here. Im 22 so don't worry, Im not a kid. I like to get into discussions surrounding the youtube community , starcraft , Pokemon and cools ways to get yourself out there and brand. Anyway Im here so if you want to talk about anything let me know. Im here till tuesday.
  3. SimonEleven

    Fan Made Tag! // PART 2

  4. Pricelezz

    REVIEW MY SITE Please review my Sports Forum

    Hey guys, would be great if you could review my sports betting discussion forum. The meaning of the site is to discuss about the latest sports picks, odds and predictions for upcoming sports events or matches. All sports betting people should come together and share their sports predictions...
  5. verax5

    [Networking] Explain OSI model

    I'm studying networking. Someone explain to me OSI model. I've searched on Google still cant get it. If someone knows networking please give brother a hand here.
  6. verax5

    Mr Olympia 2015. Pics insde!

    Who ya got for 2015 olympia.. Im personally rooting for kia : ) or even ramy most recent kai ramy cant find any of phil's recent pic : (