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    Faucet Collector 10$

    Hi, I am selling Faucet collector for 10 $ , Any one interested to buy ? Pm me. Accepting BTC,ETH,DOGE 1 License available.
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    Dogecoin Telegram Faucet Thing

    This is a Telegram bot which pays you for visiting sites, messaging bots and joining chats. It isn't mine so don't ask me all the questions. Minimum withdraw amount: 3 Doge Fee: 1 Doge Proof: Have fun and have a nice day! x LINK non ref
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    How to EARN 1$ PER DAY IN CRYPTO using Faucets

    Hello!:grin: Wanted to share with you my method for earning cryptos every day using faucets. Please note: After the crash we are getting more coins from the faucets, When the market recover, It will be worth much more. Watch my claims from the faucets: I have 100% Daily bonus on most of the...
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    DogeMiners - Mine with browser or software

    Start Browser Mining, Get DogeCoins . You can mine at : 25% CPU with a link 75% CPU another link 100% CPU with software Payouts : * minimum is 1000 puppies ( 0.00001 DOGE ) . There is no transaction fees. * payment will be sent to your account on * for security...
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    CryptoMiningGame - NEW ERA Faucet

    CRYPTO MINING GAME is a new kind of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge Faucet where you can mine for game (will never use cpu) and earn for real! Enjoy the game and earn bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin! Everything is kind of a mining game . You earn HPower for every Mission you do (you cand MINE FOR...
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    BUY Buying doge coins!

    Who's selling doge coin? pm me i want to buy --- Post updated --- Bum bum bum
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    My COINPOT stats! [Updated Daily!]

    Hey! I decided to share with you guys my earning on Coinpot using faucets and trades between the coins. I will update this stats daily! Yesterday stats: (15.11.2017) BTC: 0.00002976 BCH: 0.00396439 DOGE: 2.42000000 LTC: 0.17549184 DASH: 0.03008009 Net worth: 28.9$ JOIN NOW TO EARN...
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  10. Hotchkiss

    BOT C# - Cryptocurrency Price Checker

    CCPC Cryptocurrency Price Checker! What it does: Checks the current price of your favorite cryptocurrency at your desired interval!
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    Wazzap TBN friends! Check out this new virtual coin, the Fissioncoin. Join Fissioncoin and start to produce Bronze, Silver and Gold for FREE! Here, you can withdraw fissioncoin through Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. ✔ Welcome bonus for sign up - 2.00 coins ✔ Email...
  12. cor3

    SELL [DOGE] 101 DOGE to BTC

    hello there. :) i have 101.37 DOGE in my wallet and i'd like to exchange that to BTC. I'm urging some to pay the first 20KH on HashOcean. is anyone interested? EDIT: Acording to 0.00004967 (:s 4.9kSatoshi... i feel ridiculous now :facepalm:
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    Earn Up To 200+ DodgeCoin Without Invest

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    Earn BTC,DOGE on Android every 30min!

    Earn BTC every half hour on your android device. Payments sent every Sunday. Min withdraw 10.000sat Features: Notifications - Get notified about all news immediately via in-app notifications Upgrades - You can upgrade Multiplier, Timer and Referral earnings, so you can earn even more than...
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    FaucetMiner Try now and get daily free Dogecoins. On FaucetMiner you can claim every 30 minutes up to 3 FGH/s and 0.1% from Faucetbalance. After every block, you will get your Dogecoins instant to your FaucetMiner Account. You can everytime withdraw your balance instant to