1. Yidir

    got addict to milk #_#

    ya atm im addicted but i cycle it, drunk 4 days on 3 days off, also i dont really get addicted to a lot of stuff, but fasting helps to get rid of addictions
  2. sunnymaker

    got addicted to nicotine #_#

    i know TBN isn't biohacking forum but i just want to give some info i started biohacking from ~2years i recycled many drug taking them 1 day every 3days and encreas break time if they stoped working i never got craving to any drug included benzo + THC but nicotine is deferent! after i stop it...
  3. oneinamillion

    $10 Free WEED (US[CO])

    NINJA WHAT?! There's a dispensary in Colorado that create a reward program for its members and all you have to do is complete the following - confirming email $5 - confirming you were referred $5 (enter code below) That's $10 in weed money for free ninja...
  4. sunnymaker

    anyone use antidepressant?

    hello TBN users in the last year i start taking antidepressant bcouse i have OCD after trying many many antidepressant i have bieng with sertraline + Atomoxetine (Not addicitve) so my question is are you accept taking antidepressant if not Patient or you need a clean life without it??
  5. djpinito

    LINKS Crackhead trys to buy crack from the wrong house, lmao

  6. Stickle

    I didn't buy DRUGS!

    So I've been clean of nearly all drugs since new years, I didn't really choice too but I'm on strong medication called "Promazine Hydrochloride" <-- Two Different links to tell you about it. I've been clean since "new years eve", but I had a few drags on a spliff (weed) and it sent my head...