earn free bitcoin

  1. james99g

    Free Bitcoin, Dogecoin & Litecoin every 5 minutes

    Hello here are some sites that give out free Coins. You need to have a coinpot account to claim on any of the websites listed. https://coinpot.co Bitcoin MoonBit Non-ref BitFun BonusBitCoin Dogecoin MoonDoge Non-ref Litecoin MoonLiteco Non-ref Dashcoin Dashcoin Non-ref Some or all sites...
  2. habibkhan72

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  3. dagdag

    zebra bitcoin imacros autosolve captcha

    hi tbn users :) i want to share another imacros for bitcoinzebra (nice site to earn satoshi u dont have to do any think run the imacros and wait the payment ;) ) like any other imacros script u need mozilla and imacros and 9kw accout 9kw explane : if u don't know captcha it is captcha service...
  4. dagdag

    [AUTOPILOTE]MATRIXBIT+SMASHBTC IMACROS with solving captcha auto

    hi guys i created 2 thread yesterday 1 2 and i want today to explane them more so what we need : mozilla (37. version work nice for that ) + imacros + api key 9kw or dbc account 9kw better bcause u will get free captcha solved :) if u dont have api key for 9kw sign up here and get ur free...
  5. gecox22

    CitySatoshi NEW BTC GAME By Game Vault

    Gameplay: Welcome to Citysatoshi ! The new GAMEVAULT STUDIOS faucet game. Citysatoshi is a strategy game where you can earn free bitcoins. Every server starts with a mine worth 2500 Bitcoin. All players are looting the same mine to earn free satoshi. The Top 200 players earn prizes up to 1 BTC...
  6. Aftub

    Earn 1000 to 100,000 per hour. Similar site of skybtc.

    Hello guys, today I am going to introduce a new faucet site. It is look a like of skybtc. All of the functions are similar to skybtc. 20% ref bonus. Payout 20,000 satoshis. Join under me : Click here no-ref Need more free satoshi ? here is the opportunity to earn more than 70,000 satoshis...