earn money in the game

  1. SmilingSugar

    "game" NO captcha with the withdrawal of money without a deposit.

    Hello comrades! Bonus at registration. Bonus every 24 hours, 60 minutes, 10 minutes. NO captcha It's simple, buy the mine produces crystals, silver me, then at the money. Game supports English and Russian languages. withdrawal of 0.1 cents Payments are made automatically on the payment...
  2. Pako5033

    New Game Taxi farm earn money in the game

    Hello I found today a new game you can earn real money There are earning on buying a taxi Taxi are divided into Levels at the beginning we get a taxi from level 1 The cost of a taxi from just 24 rubles. (2400 silver). Income every 10 minutes! In the month from 30 to 90 percent! money can be...