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  1. N

    New GPT website! - Premiumclix.com

    Hey everyone! I noticed that the website domain that i have in possession is marked as scam or unrecommended, I am currently the new owner of the website. I have the domain that had a previous ptc website associated with it back in 2012. please check out the website as we have 1$ minimum payout...
  2. manosteel211

    Play Games Earn AGC, Gaming Stuff, + More

    Bananatic is a GPT site where you play games to earn Gift cards and gaming stuff +more(paysafecards too!). This site is very much like gamekit.com. Where you complete quests for the site to earn site currency to cash out for great gamer stuff. Quests are objectives like completion of a level...
  3. runrun7100

    InstaGC ~$5/HR/Day + Bonus - 100% REAL - Get Paid Today

    This is going to be apart of an even larger thread that'll be created later... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign Up Here: Ref Link Non-Ref Link I know that it is 2017, and GPT sites really aren't the...
  4. djbluez

    Hi old but now in here daily

    Hi guys, we are in the era of automation, human can't do those jobs, but byfore a robot can, I'm ere to share my own knowledge and get learned from you guys. I've new fresh update on automation .
  5. lvlr007

    Game Faucet | Free 0.002 Satoshi

    I am not owner << Medieval Empires Register and receive 0.002 BTC for purchases Start earning without your own investments After registration, each user receives 1 card of Goblin for lifetime Exchange trophies to coins and withdraw them in real BTC Minimum withdraw 0.001 Satoshi I Dont...
  6. lvlr007

    Earn Bitcoins By Solving Captchas

    Easy way to earn bitcoins online Simply Earn by Solving Captchas >> BitCaptcher - NonRef >> Claimers - NonRef >> 2Captcha - NonRef >> infiniteSatoshis - NonRef >> WallRewards - NonRef >> At-Spot - NonRef i Dont Hve Payment Proof Yet >> CoinLand -...
  7. L


    Hi everybody. i'm lui online worker. and very happy do to be here. i hope we will get a lot to exchange together bless
  8. mdsolaman

    Need a partner for youtube marketing.

    Hi i need a partner who want to work amazon affiliate marketing or other affiliate with YouTube. I know keyword research, video seo and ranking method for YouTube. But i have problem to create amazon review video. Anyone interested to work with me for YouTube marketing then PM me. Requirement ...
  9. E

    Indian members ! Best earning site for you!

    Hello , I want to open this thread especially for Indian users who look to earn their first $$$. I have a wonderful( I think the best ) option for you. Apparently you think that people from India cannot earn much on GPT sites, but on this one you are from the list of those special countries...
  10. E

    REVIEW MY SITE Review my site Pls ) 9 hour work...

    Hello , the home page is almost ready and I think this is the main part of such kinda PTC and GPT list sites. Will be glad to hear further suggestions. http://bestptcgpt.jimdo.com/
  11. E

    Earn your first 1$ in 30 minutes - BEST REAL METHOD HERE! - MUST READ FOR NEWBIES!

    Hello dear TBN members and especially NEWBIES who still didnt make any $cash$ online and are bored of millions of "Golden lining - c**p filling" methods here, which are causing loss of time and motivation and letting hundreds of new members to leave this forum. I am really upset because I didnt...
  12. Ryuunosuke

    from a hobby into money

    Hi All Member TBN, Like title say, i want to make money from my hobby. my hobby is : typing make macro make website playing games watching anime any suggest how to make my hobby turns to money?. i got some but maybe member TBN here have more idea for me. thanks before Best Regards, Akasaka...
  13. rmsystem

    Dollartracks with Pproof

    Heard about dollartracks? are they paying? yes, just tried this and for a 10 minutes survey got $1.15. well just tried it if they really pay although lots of good feedback about payment proof. REGISTER UNDER ME NOT MY REF LINK How does it work: To get your cash rewards, bitcoins and...
  14. SearchAndWin

    GetMoneyGPT - Brand New GPT - PayPal - LAUNCH!!!

    GetMoneyGPT has just launched. PayPal, instant gift cards and more. image "Contests Nov 7, 2015 at 08:38 PM Currently running an offer contest and referral contestthrough the end of 2015. Please follow us on Twitterto get some extra promo codes. We're currently seeking a few more...
  15. ptcsite46

    Earn with Adfiver

    (str) Site Name: AdFiver (ok) Click Value: 4x0.01+6x0.001 (ok) Script: Unique Script (ok) Forced Advertisement: Yes (ok) Earnings a day: $0.04+ (ok) RR cost: $20 (100) (Click Here Earnings From RR Table) (ok) Payment Processors:PayPal(Must Be Verified), Payza, Bitoin, Neteller (ok) Withdraw...
  16. M

    Hello People :)

    Hello all. I was searching something on google and end up in this awesome forum where lots of online earning enthusiasts are online. I'm Mukesh and I write content and Sell gigs on Fiverr and just a two week ago I started my new website: newsandfun.com I hope to see some great info here and I...