1. saisannihith

    Extreme Tribal Mix By Me

    Hey guys.I mixed some tribal and edm songs.If you are interested please listen to it and review it.Thanks :) Link here: https://www.mixcloud.com/borntofightlegacy/extreme-tribal/
  2. rhino11

    My new EDM/Hip Hop track

    Last time I posted my first track I've gotten alot of love from you guys! So i've made a new track for you guys! Hope you enjoy the mix! Also made it free to download, none of that buying shit! https://soundcloud.com/edmagician/edmagician-gift-official
  3. markman641

    LINKS DJ Megalodon's set got interrupted for a hilarious anouncement

    So a local club near me recently had Megalodon come out, and halfway through his set someone got on the mic and... well I don't want to spoil it... just read :lol: PS... is there a sub forum for music stuff!? http://www.redroll.com/2016/03/01/zero-gravity-got-grounded/
  4. zorlac

    SELL electro dance music ( original ) for your project

    hi guys !! selling my original music for your project | ( youtube - daylimotion - vimeo - website - etc ) Genre : EDM BPM : 130 duration : 1 minute 29 sec format : MP3 size : 3,41 MB created : Monday, 2 November 2015 only sell to 1 person ( no resell ) you own the copyright price : $15...