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  1. kanways8

    SELL Selling Edu Emails Work With Microsoft 365

    I'm selling .edu email address that works with Microsoft 365. Didn't tried with other services. I can guarantee Microsoft 365. You will receive an email and password. Password cant change. Price $5 Payment method paypal gift.
  2. Kobayashi

    SELL Edu email with Unlimited Google Drive LIFETIME

    I'm Selling .Edu email with gmail access. How long it will last? This is permanent edu email with LIFETIME access. I've been using my private edu email from the same source for over 4 years. What you will get Edu email login details (email and password) Account informations Security...
  3. Botato


    Edu Email Shop Features: Amazon Prime Student (Free 6 Months) Adobe Creative Cloud (60% Discount) BestBuy (Student Discounts) Mindsumo (Get paid to solve problems) Office 365 (Free) AutoDesk (Free software for students) Jetbrains (Developer Tools) Unlimited Google Drive many more... Login...
  4. jambang

    SELL EDU Email + Github Education Pack

    EDU Email + Github Education Pack You will get: All the offers that attached on hxxps:// Data email login + github login FAQ: Login via outlook I already registered on github, so you just claim the offers Price: Only $5 BTC / Paypal (verified & send as f&f) PM me...
  5. P

    Hi there, it's me, this is what i do and what i can give for you ^^ free stuff here

    Hi friends, im looking forward to expand my online business outside my local community english is not my main language, so forgive me for my bad english. basically, im a account creator and miner. i create accounts like digital ocean, vultr, aws, azure, gcloud daily and use it for mining and...
  6. C

    SELL cheapest .edu email

    -cheap edu email. -Works on all available sites. -$1 paypal -github, -amazon prime -unlimited drive, -namecheap(free .me website amd free 1yr premium ssl certificate) -and many others. -available - -warranty if fitting. -just one available now, hurry now. -skype -...
  7. Botato

    SELL Edu Email Bot

    I am also known as Peguiny, just ignore the peguiny. Extra $50 for update. If somehow the current edu email domain got saturated, i'll provide the update at $50. (You must buy the bundle at the start) 1st Copy - SOLD 2nd Copy - SOLD 3rd Copy - SOLD 4th Copy - $160 / $210 5th Copy - $180 /...
  8. skykipe

    SELL Custom username .EDU email

    Hello guys, now i want to selling my service for make custom username .edu email. what username, i can make? username contain alphabet(a-z) not character like . and _ and number(0-9). minimal character for username is 6 character Price $4 $3.5 for one username one email (need 1-3x24 hour)...
  9. Botato

    SELL Edu Email $1.50 BTC | Github Approved | Free Domain and much more!

    Selling Edu Email for $1.50 each. You can use it to get for example Github Student Pack and get $50 digital ocean code which can be sold for more value. Features Github Student Pack (NO LONGER WORKING) One Drive 1 TB Amazon Prime Student (Free 6 Months) Adobe Creative Cloud (60% Discount)...
  10. verick

    SELL $1 .EDU email with UNLIMITED drive storage

    $1 = 1 .edu email It has unlimited drive storage :lol::lol::lol: List that I tried :lol::lol::lol: -Free .tech -Amazon Prime Student -Interserver Student -Microsoft Dreamspark -Lastpass -Jetbrains -RoboFormU -Bestbuy Student -Spotify Student I think it is worth it :lol::lol::lol...
  11. ravindusha

    SELL .EDU email accounts for 2$ BTC

    Out of Stock [/COLOR] [/LIST] Accounts In Stock: 1 Sold: 14 (more accounts will be added soon) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Edu email with Unlimited GoogleDrive Space now available** Accounts in stock : 2 Price : $3 BTC...
  12. Kobayashi

    SELL .Edu email with custom name for Office365/Adobe/Prime/Mindsumo

    I'm Selling .Edu email with custom or random name for 2$ ( Paypal only) You can use it as long as you want. [Email may only be temporary.] Here are some examples of what you can...
  13. jokerdark

    SELL Office 365 Account For Student

    Selling Office 365 Account For Student for 5$ Office 365 Account For Student: + Use up to 5 devices (Mac/Windows/Tablet..) + Use the latest Office 365 Pro Plus version + 1 TB online storage for FREE Payment: BTC (Get the account in 10 mints)
  14. jokerdark

    SELL .Edu email with custom name

    Selling .Edu email with custom name for 3$ .(Ex: [email protected]). Get .edu email in 10 mints P/S: Accept BTC,Paypal Edu email works for Github/Amazon,...
  15. M

    Need .edu email

    Hi! I'm new here and I'd like to now who can sell me an .edu email adress. Thank you and regards :)
  16. Trollers

    SELL .edu email for $1 BTC each

    Selling edu email for $1 BTC What can you obtain? = Unlimited Google Drive = AWS Credit = Digital Ocean $50 = Azure Dreamspark = Github Student Package ( = FREE .me domain and SSL for 1 Year (Provided by Namecheap) = FREE SSD Webhosting (Provided by...
  17. shabrin

    BUY I want buy edu email

    Hi members tbn, I need edu email and payment with paypal. Please PM me or add me on skype: shabrin123
  18. okbmamun

    SELL EDU Email + dreamspark + azure

    you can create with this microsoft dreamspark account azure 1 month (easily create 15 vps you need vcc + pv ) guithub account and many others dreamspark offer 2$ btc per edu mail or (you can buy from me full account with dremspark account + azure account only 10$) skype : okbmamun
  19. Bojkovec

    [HELP] Can someone tell me how to create .EDU E-mail for FREE

    Hello there. Can someone tell me how to create .edu email for free and is there a method which is still working. If you give me a working method I will give you a tutorial on how you can get free VPS. (I don't know it it's working because I need a .edu email to try it but you loose nothing.)...
  20. starsat1200

    SELL Cheapest .edu mail 2$ / can be low or high later

    Hello Tbn Members i am selling edu mail best price and cheapest my adress work with azzure dnt tray it untill now for amazon cause i dnt have and dnt need amazon prime the interface of webmail (inbox send recive) is mutch as same with gmail and dnt ask me witch provider you get login...