1. L

    About Me

    Hello. I'm a member in other known Forums as well obviously. I actually barely use websites like these but got interested when I realized that a scene exists for education. I have invested a lot of time into Education and the only reason I created an account here is because some people have the...
  2. parylizer

    BUY Buying EDU email for amazon prime

    Buying EDU email that works with amazon prime student CANADA ( Can pay with paypal or BTC Will only pay after confirmation that it does work with amazon prime student. $2
  3. LadyTaniaXd

    [Academic Diplomas] Web & Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing, Web Design etc.

    Do you want to make the next step to your career and education? You can now enroll to any Academic Accredited Diploma from Shaw Academy that costs $440 per course for 98% OFF. Contact me for more details. Live Lessons & Full Support! Available Subjects: Web Development Web Design Mobile App...
  4. btcprofit

    Are you a college student/alumni looking to make money?