1. doz4

    Decryption from know plain text

    have some encrypted string and i know the decrypted values as well but want to know how to get decrypted ones from encrypted as well and i tried some of software cryptol ,hashcat,EverCrack so encrypted au4HZuQ/pSS+kDKLLUxdpr0MjLUsdDUi bKLMoafAO2YgS/Ux64SGlW5U4rR5V9Jc...
  2. J

    Cryptolocker Ransomware

    How to recover/decrypt my files which was encrypted by Cryptolocker...Help me to recover my files!!
  3. rocco008

    Password Encryption

    Hi mates, Correct me if im in posting wrong section, I need to decrypt this $16wcg;Jc2N=y#'p0fJ&j;M3$!$ Has anyone seen this encryption before? Any clue of what type is this encryption will be helpful Thanks
  4. samesame

    New encryption/decryption site

    Datei-Verschlüsseln.de My new Project,.. How it works: 1. Upload your files, and we will encrypt them 2. You Download your Encrypted file +get a passphrase 3. No one can decrypt your files without the passphrase 4. Upload your encrypted file to our site --> insert passphrase --> Download your...
  5. verax5

    [Detailed guide] What's a Proxy and how it work

    Figured I'd write a little article on this since there's so many people that seem to be working with proxies without really knowing what it really is and how it works. - First things first, for those who don't know what a proxy is, it's a computer, to be more specific, it's a computer running...