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    BOT Do you want NewWaySurf Bot?

    I have to update the newwaysurf BOT before 2014, then there are a lot of users, because the web payment normal and support donkeymails PTP, but then there is no update, I have the time now, then do a survey, to see if people need, I intend to re write a newwaysurf BOT in CEF3, please tell your...
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    Do you want Snuckls bot?

    Snuckls like Baymack,skylom,flamzy,Now i write the baymack bot .It can auto work.I will go on these site bot. dowload here http://www.ensurf.org
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    BOT Recently I created my baymack bot

    Recently, I wrote an automatic tool for baymack, 100% work. Do you need it? --- Post updated --- How many price do you accept.