1. dbs00

    BUY WTB BTC / ETH with PP

    Hey I'm interested in buying BTC / ETH with paypal Paying as Goods and service ( old business paypal) Paying whatever fee is needed. min 200$ per deal Or you can manually copy paste this skype ID live:support_42971
  2. R

    TE PRO - Traffic Exchange System

    Hello, Traffic Exchange PRO is a full featured traffic exchange system. This script have the most features and a long track record to start your own traffic exchange business within a few minutes. The Auto-surf codes are open and un-encrypted with many customize options for easy navigation...
  3. ansi09

    BlockFolio Pre-Registration For A Chance To Win Good Prize | Launching Their Own Exchange This Year

    - BlockFolio Exchange Airdrop - The Famous Portfolio Manager Application Blockfolio Will Launch A New Cryptocurency Trading Exchange This is Pre-Registration For A New Trading Experience That Will Be Launching. If You Sign Up, You Get A Chance To...
  4. Blaze

    PTP Exchange

    So I got this crazy idea; making a software where users of the software share a link (working as a referer) which leads to their PTP link. Users are only able to share their link(s) if they've run the software for 5 minutes straight. But after their link has been in the database for 5 minutes...
  5. mbd

    Did anyone tried for Social Media exchange Like Facebook & YouTube?

    Hi There, Anyone try for social media exchange, like YouTube views or Facebook likes? It's bot software but no Linux or Mac version for it, ONLY Windows It's created by DanielHudson as same as 9hits creator
  6. freelancers

    Dark Web - Is Online Exchange Related to Dark Web

    Hi is cryptocurrency Exchange website which offer higher exchange rate related to dark Web . What do you think about this
  7. A

    Free Palai 180/Day! Worth 1€ in Year 2025! Be fast!

    Last Thread was deleted because non reflink dont work! Now is working! We believe the financial system should benefit everyone. Join now and get basic income Everybody should get a basic income. No one should be excluded from using the financial system. ¶ Palai is a currency. ¶ Palai offers...
  8. Hyuga

    SELL Different web scripts!

    Hello everybody, I have several products (all developed by me) available for sale on my store, maybe some of you will find some of them interesting, but I let you check them. URL: BONUS - Get 10% discount using this coupon code (valid until 23 July 2018): TBN Enjoy :)
  9. McOneCry

    REQUEST Cryptocurrency Auto-buy/sell bot

    Hello Everyone! I would like to ask you if: Is there any bot like that? Functions I need: it looks for a X cryptocurrency in Y Exchange. Let's say we input exchange: Then we write What bot should buy: for example Electroneum Then we set minimum price and it buys it for X money...
  10. steampunkz


    Xaurum is the only digital asset with a continuously growing gold base. Together with the blockchain technology, it guarantees the highest level of security backed by transaction transparency on the public ledger. Token Details Token name: XAURUM Coinn Token Symbol: XAUR Total Supply ...
  11. S

    How can i withdraw IOStokens (Referral Airdrops)

    Hi, I have 400 IOStokens which i collected from IOST referral Airdrops, Can anybody tell me how can i send those 400 tokens to Binance ? one more doubt ? Is IOStokens still providing referral Airdrops, I seen they will close at 5 pm pst.
  12. dessibay

    Crypto Traders Pro (Mentorship,Signals,Courses, and much more...)

    Hello everyone, Today I'll present to you what can make of you an independent money maker in both long and short term. No limits to what you can make as this program will lead you to your financial freedom for real. This program is entitled: Crypto Traders Pro...
  13. janjenka

    Easy $10 by voting rebellious on bit-z exchange

    So here's the thing guys REBL coin is making its way to the moon slowly and now they are offering addition free 700 REBL coins to anyone who votes them on bit-z exchange. Create an account here if you haven't have one yet. Reflink Step 1: Go to your profile
  14. Civa

    Do not pay high BTC exchange fees anymore - Binance vs others

    Hey guys, I have been trading BTC for a long time, since late 2012. During that time, I ve seen it all in the world of Bitcoin trading, the famous fall of Mt.Gox., Cryptsy hack which turned into charade, issues with Poloniex withdrawals being late for some users and a lot of smaller exchanges...
  15. mbd

    What is the social exchange you currently using ?

    What is the social exchange you currently using ?
  16. mbd

    [Review] 9hits ( Traffic Exchange ) Traffic Is Shutting Down!

    I did try this 9hits the traffic exchange and get much of points from the surfer tool, it dose not actually display the website and it's option to hide the websites you surf. It's based on Auto Surf when you just leave the computer and go do something else while it's automatically get surf...
  17. hiperium

    BUY BTC - 20$ (PayPal)

    Title says it all. Need 20$ BTC. Thanks in advance :P
  18. GROKEN


  19. Z

    Hi everyone

    Hello, I'm not new member on TBN but I'm not so actif. I'm here to exchange experience.
  20. Midgarosormr

    New Crypto Exchange Pre-Sign Up

    So, this popped up in my YouTube feed, by Adam Guerbuez: tl;dr: new exchange, low fees, looks very solid, guy behind it is well-known, and it could be a Poloniex killer. It persuaded me to sign up. If you're interested, here are the links (non-ref and my ref). If you feel kind enough to use...