1. Mirae

    New Faucet Exploit with INSTANT payouts

    ITS STILL WORKING AS OF 7.6.2018 UPDATE : The owner raised the refresh time for the all the links to 1200 seconds, so i guess its over Scroll down to the end of this post to have access to an website created by @thebotnets to automate all the manual http requests editing ! PS. I HAVE...
  2. Mirae

    A little trick for those "browser mining" sites

    Just a little headsup for those browser mining sites which are poping up recently For example : coincrunch.win http://luckybits.io/webminer https://cryptobro.xyz/miner.php https://ticktock.network/...
  3. hanks

    Many TEs were exploited

    If someone tries to sell cheap TE points, please be aware that your TE account can be banned. Fucker's paypal sold illegal points to me: This forum gives http bots. They make you earn illegal TE points easily. Of course, 22hits was exploited too. That is why 22hits gave you traffic from...
  4. A

    An exploit that dosen't actually exist

    this isn't exactly an exploit, more of an amusing site glitch that COULD have been an exploit if it worked... stop reading if you thought it was. Someone on TBN posted about a certain vps provider's website, so I checked it out, and I found that it cost $4/month. Then, I changed the ram from...
  5. LightningXD

    [NEW + Working] G2A Exploit + Video Tutorial! = Free Games!

    Hi guys, I just found the best exploit on G2A, just follow my Video Tutorial and you can get free games!