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  1. Sobotix

    BOT [Freeware] Sobotix Traffic Blaster [Beta Release]

    Sobotix Traffic Blaster Freeware to blast the World Wide Web with your presence. Ultimate tool, with most competitive features for free. All rights reserved by Sobotix. Leave your feedback, your opinion matters to us. If you feel like some feature is missing do let us know, we would love to...
  2. Sobotix

    [Freeware] Sobotix Traffic Blaster (Underdevelopment)

    Sobotix Traffic Blaster Sobotix Traffic Blaster is an upcoming features rich and efficient freeware web traffic bot. This video was recorded during testing phase of development and it's being released as it is, without any editing to get valuable feedback and features request. We would be...
  3. A

    How i can make Custom fake traffic referer

    Hi I need script or some think to make custom referer with no hitleap premium Like ( PHP script ) any one can help me
  4. BloodyBot

    SELL 100k Website Traffic for $30

    ♛100.000 WEBSITE TRAFFIC for $30♛ {it's fake traffic} SPECIAL OFFER: 1st five people get it for $25 Remaining: (5/5) ✔ FAST DELIVERY ✔ SUPER CHEAP Payment via Paypal as Gift or BTC Questions? PM ME
  5. P

    How can i create "fake email generator" site?

    I am interested in making fake email generator site so i want to know the whole procedure how can i make it what will be the cost of creating it ?
  6. f4bio

    PTP or PTV? - I'm a little confused...

    First off, I'm using fake/TE traffic. So I've signed up for a few PTP websites like ptp24, what I don't get is if I should make a webpage, and put heaps of the iframe codes, that sites like ptp24 have, on one webpage and direct all of my traffic there, or if I should just send the traffic to...
  7. Joycoll

    CPM Network That Accept Fake Traffic

    Is there any legit cpm are accept Fake traffic ? give me some address of this type network. thanks
  8. harshal98

    Earn Autopilot with fake traffic

    Hi guys. Sorry for my bad english Here is the site through which you can earn with your vps from te traffic. It is the most reliable cpm site i have ever tried. You can get ad codes and insert them in your site. They also have ptp link for promotion. I personlly use ptp link. Payments...
  9. Flash1997

    Cpmfeeder - Get payd for sending traffic

    Hi TBN! So today i'm glad to announce the opening of CPMFEEDER a CPM/PTP Network. I own this site! For publishers: -We accept all kind of traffic (bot, hitleap and others). No spam allowed. -Payments are sended daily with a max 48 hours delay. Payment methods are Bitcoin and Paypal. -Min payout...
  10. NgelawakGan

    Jalantikus, create article > send traffic > $$$

    Jalantikus (im not the owner) Setiap artikel kamu yang berhasil kamipublish, tetap akan mendapatkan apresiasi berupa pulsa/uang tunai sebesar Rp 50.000. Jika berhasil mencapai 10.000 sessions (pembaca unik), maka kamu juga akan mendapatkan tambahan uang sebesar Rp 50.000 lagi. Dan apabila...
  11. S

    recomend fake traffic software

    hi ever body plz recomend me software that each time change proxy and go url click website and open popup not jingling i need fast bot that do it for example every 10sec tnx alot
  12. Flash1997

    Monetize you fake traffic

    Before i even start i tell you that they pay. I have received my payment today and admin is very friendly and active on skype. You have my payment proof at the end of the post. Network that i use for that is adhit.co . Payment are made every two weeks but admin do them usually earlyer. Minimum...
  13. H

    Hello! Here's the reason why i'm here

    Hi! Hazoristic's here ! feel free and take your time to guide me in this forum. I'm here because I want to ask for Traffic generator sites like OTOHITS. if you know one , please comment below!
  14. killerclaws

    Make a good amount of BTC with unique views at your website!

    Hello guys, I'm earning money from this site for more than a year now, between comes and goes, but it always paid me. The site I'm talking about is a-ads.com. It is an anonymous sistem that even require to register. Has a LOW MINIMUM DAILY payout at 0.0001 BTC (~$0.04). I don't even know if...
  15. NINJA

    EARN MONEY ONLINE - [Autopilot Method]

    This Will Only Work If You Have Websiite .. [free type / premium] Because It Is Ad Network Platform .. Any Site Blogspot Also Accept Able.. [blogspot domain put as .. ex:- YOURSITE.blogspot.in instead of blogspot.com] If You Already Have Then Skip This.. If Not Then Go Here Post Any 2 Or 3...
  16. Nonneon123

    How can I earn money with blogger?

    So I want to use fake traffic and earn money but I think adsense bans you if you do so what else can i do? thanks for any help! :)
  17. Flash1997

    HexaCash Payment Proof | 26$ total

    First payment: Second Payment (received yesterday): And another payment received on 29.10.2015 I made this with a free blog from blogspot and hitleap traffic. Support me: HexaCash.com non-reff
  18. brrip

    Which is The Best CPM Networks Accepting Fake Traffic ?

    Which is The Best CPM Networks Accepting Fake Traffic ? Without Adhexa & Mediacpm. :popcorn: