faucet list

  1. habibkhan72

    Faucethub 5 minute faucets list

    Faucethub 5 minute faucets list. visit this link and bookmark the page to claim again. Faucet List
  2. randomport90

    My Own list of free faucets with description get bitcoins easy

    My Own list of free faucets with description get bitcoins easy So let's start 1. avg: 100satoshi every 5 minut / 30 % refferal commision http://www.fautsy.com/?r=1PxFqAcc6Ws6i7jBPDpFu8s3S3sRCvcuCs 2.You need gmail account here, but very good faucet 50-100000 satoshi, paid surveys, 2000 satoshi...
  3. emsam2

    Best Xapo Faucets In one place

    Try This New Site Xapo faucet Rotator Daily Check And Update For The Faucet List Very Simple And Good Script http://xbtc.cf http://xbtc.cf Any Suggestions?
  4. lvlr007

    1500 satoshi every 5minutes for the next 2hours! Hurry

    1500 satoshi Every 5minutes for the next 2hours! HURRY Bit-Freebie NON - REF
  5. lvlr007

    earn 25 min and upto 1000 satoshi every 30 sec

    Hello everyone, The profit system is based on a button "CLAIM" that delivers 25 to 12,800 Satoshis, depending on the level you are. Min Earning per CLAIM : 25 Satoshis Max Earning per CLAIM: 12.800 Satoshis You can claim every 25 seconds Withdraw at 10.000 Satoshis The delay of pay is 24 hour...
  6. habibkhan72

    Highly paying faucet lis: Payment proof of 0.2btc

    Hi friends i always use these bitcoins faucet list which will give you 500-1500 satoshi each claim. This faucets does not contain any problem which you can see normally in other bitcoin faucet. Sorry I write 0.2btc by mistake its 0.02btc in the tittle I see the tittle after uploading. FAUCET...
  7. K

    Earn Unlimited Sathosi Without Time Captcha!!

    it gives bonus for signup 2000 sathosi!! earn unlimited every minutes there is a link SIGN UP (REF) support me my first post!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGNUP (NONREF)
  8. vinotime

    How to farm tons of satoshi

    The non-ref link are inside the spoiler of each sites Hello, this is my list of satoshi faucet/mining/ecc... The most are with FaucetBox/Xapo means instant payment Faucet First of all the best 5 faucet with more than 2500 Satoshi for claim 1...
  9. killerbot


    NOTE: FOR ADULTS ONLY !! REASONS LOTS OF PORN ADS REQUIREMENTS: FAST INTERNET AND PC/LAPTOP!!! STATUS OF CLAIMS PER 5MINS 500 satoshi (93%) 1000 satoshi (1%) 2000 satoshi (1%) 4000 satoshi (1%) 8000 satoshi (1%) 16000 satoshi (1%) 32000 satoshi (1%) 800000 satoshi (1%) NOT SATISFIED WITH THIS...
  10. Trollers

    Legit Faucets 100k Sato/hr

    1. FREEBITCO Random satoshis bonus every hour ranging from 400-3000 Earn a massive 50% commission on all the free btc won by your referred users REF / NON-REF 2. MOON BIT Refer your friends, enemies and everyone else to Moon Bitcoin and recieve a massive 50% lifetime commission on all their...
  11. gecox22

    CitySatoshi NEW BTC GAME By Game Vault

    Gameplay: Welcome to Citysatoshi ! The new GAMEVAULT STUDIOS faucet game. Citysatoshi is a strategy game where you can earn free bitcoins. Every server starts with a mine worth 2500 Bitcoin. All players are looting the same mine to earn free satoshi. The Top 200 players earn prizes up to 1 BTC...
  12. kashif20

    HOT 50 satoshi every sec easy image selection captcha

    Instant Payment to faucetbox There is Also Happy Time when they also pay 100 satoshi per second Very Fast Earning one of the best Bitcoin faucet 50 satoshi every 1 second easy image selection captcha claim rewared and refresh page again do same thing pay direct to FaucetBOX Best OF Luck...
  13. killerclaws

    My BTC Earings and attempts to

    HELLO EVERYONE!! Here in this thread I will share my earnings and attempts to earning BTCs! First of all, If my method is not shared here, is because i WON'T SHARE IT, if is, be free to use it! So let's start. A-ads (ref link :gusta:) 26 Payments Ad Network[/SIZE] [/Spoiler] (non ref link)...
  14. impshum

    Big list of high paying BTC faucets

    I was making a rotator but I've decided to go to the pub instead as I fancy 10 beers and some whiskey. The links are all here: link
  15. T

    999 - 700 Satoshi Faucets Thread

    A list of Decent Paying Faucets with Payout Ammount and Time between claims. If you are lazy like me you should really check iFaucet. Keep in touch with the The Faucet Megathread - By Claiming Value. Also Check > THE HONORABLE MENTIONS (999 - 700) Vol.2 THE HONORABLE MENTIONS (999 - 700) Vol.1...
  16. T

    The Faucet Megathread - By Claiming Value

    Hello guys, first of all I strongly suggest you all to use iFaucet to keep track of your faucets and have your referral links on a single link. My First Faucet database oriented thread reached it's maximum caracters so I decided to create multiple smaller Threads and keep them updated...
  17. Sunny399

    PAKFAUCET -Earn 1000 satoshi every 30 min

    Hi, I would like to invite everyone to our new Faucet Site http://pakfaucet.com/ get a chance to get Free rewards 800 and 1000 Satoshi every 30 minutes. instant payment and 30% referral bonus for everyone. We also increase our rewards rate in different times. Visit us and have fun...
  18. NitroSmily

    Faucet links - Earn 16k satoshi or more

    These are the ones I personally completed in less than 90 seconds each. Ref links: http://bluesatoshi.com/?r=1SgNhqFPepvpNnSFwa4xm3tZNLu5aTBUf - 1250 satoshi http://cryptodiscount.info/?r=1SgNhqFPepvpNnSFwa4xm3tZNLu5aTBUf - 1100 satoshi http://theearner.co.in/?r=1SgNhqFPepvpNnSFwa4xm3tZNLu5aTBUf...