faucet rotator

  1. lvlr007

    100 satoshi every 1 minutes

    100 satoshi every 1 minutes 2 sites each site Give u 50 satoshi every 1 minutes Tha't mean 100 every 1 min , 1000 every 10 min Paid directly to faucetsystem Proof Ref - Link 1 Ref - Link 2 Non - Ref 1 Non - Ref 2
  2. cooluser

    [Official Thread] Bitplay-Get bitcoins for playing games and fighting in the arena

    Hello everyone, We are announcing the official launch of Bitplay, a platform where you can earn bitcoins for playing games. You earn points while playing games which can later be converted to satoshis as per the conversion rate mentioned in our website. Website url - http://www.bitplay.space...
  3. coolindark

    BTC Faucet - Clean Faucet Rotator

    Hello guys, here is a free Bitcoin faucet rotator which has fresh, high paying and legit faucets. Most faucets are paying hourly basis or less. BTCFaucet Advantages Only high paying faucets All faucets are tested FaucetBox and Paytoshi faucets Maximum timer is 60 minutes Minimum payment is 100...
  4. kimba

    100 000+ Satoshi Every Day - BTC Rotator+Free

    100 000 Satoshi Every Day Hi guys, Try this very good Bitcoin faucet rotator,make free Bitcoins. The payment is made through FaucetBOX.com,you can set a payout threshold yourself. Minimum is 0.00013000 BTC, you will quickly reach that amount On some pages, pay attention how to solve the captcha...
  5. lvlr007

    claim 82,350 satoshi Hourly

    Play this rotator to claim 82,350 satoshi Hourly if you play all faucet at the time, you can earn 1,976,404 satoshi Daily INSTANT TO ePay CLAIM EVERY SECOND Minmum Amount to Payout From ePay : 3365 :ninjoshy: JOIN HERE - ePay Rotator :ninjoshy: NON-REF
  6. lvlr007

    Best High Reward Faucet Rotator

    Hi i just Creat a rotator with list of high reward faucet you might b intrested in This new Hight Reward Faucet Rotator Visit High Reward Faucet Rotator And feel free to let me know.if you think of any addition/delition of any site/sites.
  7. cooluser

    Bit Play - Get free bitcoins for playing games

    Hello everyone, Announcing the launch of Bit Play - Get free bitcoins for playing games http://www.bitclaim.tk Currently we have only one shooting game Bunny Hunt where you can win free bitcoins for shooting bunnies. Payouts are instant and automated via faucetbox. The minimum cashout limit has...
  8. gecox22

    CitySatoshi NEW BTC GAME By Game Vault

    Gameplay: Welcome to Citysatoshi ! The new GAMEVAULT STUDIOS faucet game. Citysatoshi is a strategy game where you can earn free bitcoins. Every server starts with a mine worth 2500 Bitcoin. All players are looting the same mine to earn free satoshi. The Top 200 players earn prizes up to 1 BTC...
  9. antfuentes87

    Another Bitcoin Faucet Rotator...

    I created a Bitcoin Faucet Rotator @ http://watchcomedy.lol Nothing special, but I will be working on it as much as I can. Currently it just has 34 faucets, but I will be adding a lot more within the next few days. Plus post in this thread if you want me to add one and I will do is ASAP. Also...
  10. R

    [NEW] Bitcoin Faucet Rotator (Earn Upto 200K Satoshi A Day)

    I have found an awesome bitcoin faucet rotator that has some highest paying faucet sites (paying upto 700 Satoshi every 3 minutes) and It has smart scripts running in the background that loads sites faster and make it easier to collect satoshis from faucet sites. Here is the link...
  11. D

    Highest faucet rotator :)

    hello all, Today, i want to show you my rotator faucet . I have put the best faucets with highest pay on it. Hope you enjoy it You should claim it to get bitcoin every day :) Link rotator: http://ebitcoin360.cf/rotator/ Thank you Best wishes