1. cek00

    SHIB Inu faucet + PTC kiddyearner

    Hi, there is not bad faucet for shib inu , you can earn 250,000 points every minute. You can do PTC ,PTV , shorts and autosurf for even more points. Min withdraw for shib is 20,000,000 points or ~800Shib to coinbase or you can withdraw other crypto like BTC ,Doge, tron and usdt to faucetpay Ref...
  2. B

    Mudranal -- Multi currency faucet

    Mudranl Direct deposit in faucet pay account Support multiple currencies Claim every 60 min 25% referral commission RefLinks - Dogecoin Litecoin BNB Tron Non Ref Link : https://www.mudranal.in/ Payment Proof
  3. J

    Presearch - Earn PRE Coin by searching

    You can earn PRE coin by searching on your browser 1. Join here: https://presearch.org/signup?rid=2441231 non ref: presearch.org 2. Login your account and use Presearch to search. You can earn 0.12 PRE per search and withdraw to sell on https://www.kucoin.com/ You can install Presearch...
  4. vvij

    Faucet Collector 10$

    Hi, I am selling Faucet collector for 10 $ , Any one interested to buy ? Pm me. Accepting BTC,ETH,DOGE 1 License available.
  5. M

    NEW Faucet, 2 Minutes/Rechapta V3

    Hi, here is a new faucet with 2 minutes between claims, using recaptcha V3 that is very easy, they pay 0.0004$ every claim, you can withdrawal with Faucetpay, Litecoin or Feyorra. You can claim 1000 times every day, there is contest for referrals and contest for claimers every week, there is...
  6. BeboDragon

    Earn A Crypto | USDT & BTC Faucet | 0.015+ Daily Effortlessly | 0.05$ Instant FP

    Hi, This Is My First Faucet Features: Manual Faucet Auto Faucet Shortlinks For Coins & Energy PTC Offerwall Level System & Leaderboard Weekly Lottery Instant FaucetPay Withdraw, Minimum (0.05 USDT OR 2$ BTC) 25% Referral More Will Be Added In The Future You Can Visit Here ...
  7. swivel1983

    new multifaucet faucetcrypto 2.52 - high payments

    Faucetcrypto 2.52 is a multifacuet that pays through direct payment to the wallet, faucetpay.io, expresscrypto.io, microwallet, depending on the currency you are going to withdraw. You can get coins by completing ptc ads, shortlinks and through the offers panel, with the peculiarity that none of...
  8. J

    Gettopfaucet.com - Auto Claim Faucet - Payment Instant

    Ref link: https://gettopfaucet.com?r=qanmin non ref: https://gettopfaucet.com Login by your FauceHub account. Select fresh time and cryptocurrency to claim. Click "Start Auto Faucet" button. Don't close page and you will auto get free cryptocurrency every minutes. You can withdraw instantly...
  9. Zacksaw

    StakeCube Review - Proof Of Stake Pool + Faucet

    Stake Cube Service Today i will be talking about StakeCube proof of stake service, which allows you to deposit different type of PoS coins like Pivx, Reddcoin, Bitcoin Green, Navcoin, XPCoin, Beancash and many others. When you stake inside a pool you get faster and higher amount coins, this is...
  10. Hyuga

    SELL ClaimBits - New Bitcoin Faucet Script!

    ClaimBits is a new type of Bitcoin Faucet which brings plenty of different features togheter into a complete system. This system was designed to be attractive and easy to use. Some of main features of this system are listed bellow, but to see this system working, I invite you to check the demo...
  11. samesame

    The Best Auto Faucet - Highest Paying

    With this faucet you can claim without doing annoying captchas and completely automatic.You just need to earn Auto Claims through Solving Captcha, Short links or mining to start the Autofaucet then it will run completely automatic. Every Faucet or short-link gives you 50 Auto Claims. -They pay...
  12. ravindusha

    Telegram BTC faucet 30 seconds No captcha

    Edit: :scam::scam::scam:
  13. impshum

    Dogecoin Telegram Faucet Thing

    This is a Telegram bot which pays you for visiting sites, messaging bots and joining chats. It isn't mine so don't ask me all the questions. Minimum withdraw amount: 3 Doge Fee: 1 Doge Proof: Have fun and have a nice day! x LINK non ref
  14. Mirae

    New Faucet Exploit with INSTANT payouts

    ITS STILL WORKING AS OF 7.6.2018 UPDATE : The owner raised the refresh time for the all the links to 1200 seconds, so i guess its over Scroll down to the end of this post to have access to an website created by @thebotnets to automate all the manual http requests editing ! PS. I HAVE...
  15. Prymul

    MyFreeBTC / 15 min claim / better than freebitco.in

    MyFreeBTC Rewards from 120 satoshi to 0,12 BTC every 15 minutes Instant withdraw without commissions Automatic 5% daily bonus 25% lifetime referral commision Min. withdraw: 0,001 BTC Mining available Don't have proof yet, so help me guys to confirm that this site pays :-) LINK: ref...
  16. theend1991

    [OFFICIAL] Spectrocoin Faucet - claim your satoshi - from 25 to 800 satoshi for claim

    SPECTROCOIN OFFICIAL FAUCET If you like this my thead please like me and use my ref link. Ask for link in private. Thank you
  17. we1212

    BOT Nitro Claim - [Multi Faucet Crawler]

    Nitro Claim A new faucet crawler that supports multiple types of faucets. How does it work? This is NOT a faucet bot. it requires a manual work to solve the captcha (or anti-bot). All faucets website load on the browser (chrome), in order to allow owners to see them. But yes, it’s faster...
  18. habibkhan72

    Faucethub 5 minute faucets list

    Faucethub 5 minute faucets list. visit this link and bookmark the page to claim again. Faucet List
  19. j2washere

    EARN FREE LTC or BTC or BCH for simple task

    EARN FREE LTC or BTC or BCH for simple task Website is btcmicrotasks.com. There are 5 ways to make money on this site. 1. btcinstant win -its like a faucet you fill in the captcha and win some coins. 2. Twitter task - this is also simple you follow and tweet a profile and they pay you...
  20. yoray12

    Digibyte faucet

    digibyte faucet earn up to 0.01 every 5mins download digibyte chrome wallet in digifaucet.co or use your cryptopia.nz account no need for withdrawal request when you claim it pays directly to your wallet . ref code : https://digifaucet.net/ref/DDRPdwrJgrbftnDFhtQHSzWjiqGZdVGJpG thanks for...