1. geekbasic

    New Micro Payment Processors

    The faucet industry is taking a beating with the announcements of Faucetbox and Paytoshi closing. This leaves us with less options such as Epay and Xapo or direct payments with high thresholds an fees. It's not just faucets either, my ptp sites depend on this as well. I have been following the...
  2. lvlr007

    Earn Up to 3000 Satoshi [ FaucetBox ]

    MyBits4U.com EARN UP TO 3000 SATOSHI EVERY 10 MINUTES 1000 - 2000 - 3000 - Satoshi every 10 minutes. Referral Earnings 50% Proof Join - MyBits4u ( Thanks ) NON- Ref
  3. kirawim


    Great faucet just five minutes per Rewards Get 20 satoshi every 5 minutes and a great ref promotion of 50% profit Ref Link: http://alejji.com/?r=13bdS93fzNGixWDkfr8yvJHv7DiGJjJ8vQ No ref :no: http://alejji.com
  4. pumitadika

    800 SaT every 30 min - Geek Satoshi

    Ref Non Ref
  5. vinotime

    How to farm tons of satoshi

    The non-ref link are inside the spoiler of each sites Hello, this is my list of satoshi faucet/mining/ecc... The most are with FaucetBox/Xapo means instant payment Faucet First of all the best 5 faucet with more than 2500 Satoshi for claim 1...
  6. kashif20

    101 satoshi every 3 min easy captcha instant faucetbox

    today i found this faucet website look good run fast and very simple user friendly faucet.. giving 101 satoshi every 3 min:notbad: :thumbsup:Click here to Join:thumbsup: nonreff
  7. R

    Faucet List 800+ Faucetbox (8435 Sats)

    Here is a list of the easiest highest paying faucets i have come across. All pay directly to faucetbox No Hidden anti bot links or anything tricky. FaucetGame - Earn 100 satoshi every 5 mins (Click Faucet tab at the top) and then have fun playing games for free! Captcha per claim, Gambling No...
  8. gecox22

    CitySatoshi NEW BTC GAME By Game Vault

    Gameplay: Welcome to Citysatoshi ! The new GAMEVAULT STUDIOS faucet game. Citysatoshi is a strategy game where you can earn free bitcoins. Every server starts with a mine worth 2500 Bitcoin. All players are looting the same mine to earn free satoshi. The Top 200 players earn prizes up to 1 BTC...
  9. kashif20

    HOT 50 satoshi every sec easy image selection captcha

    Instant Payment to faucetbox There is Also Happy Time when they also pay 100 satoshi per second Very Fast Earning one of the best Bitcoin faucet 50 satoshi every 1 second easy image selection captcha claim rewared and refresh page again do same thing pay direct to FaucetBOX Best OF Luck...
  10. Riku517

    My Kill la Kill Themed Faucet <3

    :frog:Riku's LowPaying Faucet Links::frog: KillaKill ChoiceBTC.com Bitcoinx20 ThatsBitcoin FreeBitcoin Hey fam, didn't realize I could post my faucets here for you guys to use and give some feedback! I made the faucet using Faucetbox's script and am using a free domain and free hosting...
  11. Quimby

    CannonSatoshi - New Faucet Game

    CannonSatoshi is new game where your task is to build Cannons around the village to attack. You can upgrade your Cannons and than they will be more powerful, more profitable... At the beginning you will get 35.000 Satoshis which you may invest to build your first cannons. You may withdraw...
  12. L

    Make 100-400 satoshis every 1 min or less

    Make 100-400 satoshis fishing with this faucet Ref LINK: http://btc-fish.ru?r=8049 No Ref LINK: http://btc-fish.ru/:angry: Proof of Payment. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  13. T

    999 - 700 Satoshi Faucets Thread

    A list of Decent Paying Faucets with Payout Ammount and Time between claims. If you are lazy like me you should really check iFaucet. Keep in touch with the The Faucet Megathread - By Claiming Value. Also Check > THE HONORABLE MENTIONS (999 - 700) Vol.2 THE HONORABLE MENTIONS (999 - 700) Vol.1...
  14. tiagoleal99

    FreeSatoshis.co.vu - Brand New FaucetBox Faucet

    Sup guys, A brand new FaucetBox Faucet. Check it out: http://FreeSatoshis.co.vu ** New prizes will be added soon **