1. D

    Intro And Thoughts

    Greeting Dutchman0 here new, to TBN I am currentluy looking at the V I S T A mini and my thoughts are that it is just a banana pi m2 that has a image gparted on to a flash ic that costs 1500 through the company, that's all I have seen so far , using bfgminer , to cpu mine , come preset up...
  2. habibkhan72

    Faucethub 5 minute faucets list

    Faucethub 5 minute faucets list. visit this link and bookmark the page to claim again. Faucet List
  3. impshum

    Faucets in 2017

    Still worth the spin? I used to run a bunch years ago but got into other things. They were a good stream of silliness. Thoughts?
  4. S

    Is bitcoin gona rise to 3000$??

    hi all members, what do you think is bitocoin gona rise above 3000$ or even more??
  5. Hancar


    Hi everyone! I have to ask you something What are you looking for when you enter in a BTC ROTATOR? I mean, what do you want, Faucets categorized by Cryptocurrencies, Faucets categorized by Wallets (Xapo, FaucetBox, Epay, etc...), a nice design? What? Thanks so much for your answers! :D :top...
  6. nickalls

    Best Faucets

    For me the best faucets are : Getyourbitcoin : Claim every 5 minute, 10% daily bonus of the satoshi claimed for that day, 20% refferal comision : REF LINK , non ref link Fautsy : Claim 100 - 10,000 FREE Satoshi Every 5 Minute. Refferal comision is 30% :REF LINK, Non Ref LINK Gitcoin (claim...
  7. S

    New Faucet With Online Shoping

    Hi friends today i am introdcing you a new faucet which is pretty good, although right now the earning is low but it will increase as the site will become stable it also have online T SHIRT Shoping which i really liked , Claim free BTC and Get Latest Design T shirts do try this website hope...
  8. S

    Hello EveryBody Grettings 4 all

    hello, my name is Sunil i am Civil Engineering student from Pakisitan. i am good learner my age is 22 I can do photoshop editing, t shirt designing , i am very intrested in online earning but somehow did not get any sucess in online earning but still working hard and trying my best, One day i...
  9. R

    Crypt Talk Faucets

    Clam some crypto BTC/LTC/DOGE Faucets on my website much more to come)) {crypttalk cryptsat com}
  10. habibkhan72

    Highly paying faucet lis: Payment proof of 0.2btc

    Hi friends i always use these bitcoins faucet list which will give you 500-1500 satoshi each claim. This faucets does not contain any problem which you can see normally in other bitcoin faucet. Sorry I write 0.2btc by mistake its 0.02btc in the tittle I see the tittle after uploading. FAUCET...
  11. killerbot


    NOTE: FOR ADULTS ONLY !! REASONS LOTS OF PORN ADS REQUIREMENTS: FAST INTERNET AND PC/LAPTOP!!! STATUS OF CLAIMS PER 5MINS 500 satoshi (93%) 1000 satoshi (1%) 2000 satoshi (1%) 4000 satoshi (1%) 8000 satoshi (1%) 16000 satoshi (1%) 32000 satoshi (1%) 800000 satoshi (1%) NOT SATISFIED WITH THIS...
  12. S

    I want to Earn online - Need Help

    Hi im a university student, i am in really need of money therefore i have been seaching for online job but could'nt fine any better job. i have photoshop and autocad skill, i have also created websites like ptc and faucet.I am also running a youtube adsense account. it would be really helpfull...
  13. Nikola4662

    Weekly earnings from faucets

    Hey guys! Just wanted to ask how much you guys earn daily/weekly from faucets.
  14. shot5times


    Bitcoin has nearly doubled in price this week, which means there's no reason not to be stockpiling every bitcoin you can get! Here's my current list of TOP sites that give you Bitcoins free. Some even give you Bitcoins to gamble at their casinos! All I ask is that you PLEASE signup through my...
  15. Multilink

    Chosen faucets

    http://bitcoinfaucetrotator.ml up to 2800 satoshi per faucet
  16. sandclocks15

    +150,000 Satoshis a Day: The Faucet's Thread

    Wonder how you can make up to 250,000 satoshis in a single day? Simple, follow this instructions: 1) Open every single link in the list below. 2) You will organize a bookmark folder exclusively for faucets and you'll manage them following the order given in the list. 3) Don't overload a...
  17. Aftub

    Earn 27,285 satoshis right now

    You can earn lot of satoshis easily by following a simple tricks. May be some of guys are well known with the tricks but this guide is for those who don't know the tricks. Just visit the page Tricks Follow the video tutorial embedded in the page. Just use firefox and the faucet list (below...
  18. swivel1983

    The Best BTC faucets rotator

    Only 1000 satoshis o more BTC faucets http://thebestfaucets.esy.es/
  19. S

    PAKFAUCET payment proof

    This payment proof is from a member of Pakfaucet join here and claim 1000 satoshi every 30 minutes http://www.pakfaucet.com/
  20. Aftub

    500 satoshi in every 15 mins

    This faucet gives 500 satoshis in every 15 mins. Ref-link no-ref For more earning you can visit http://www.xapofaucetlists.com/