1. phoenixhaxor

    REVIEW MY SITE - Free Proxy / VPN / TOR / Datacenter / Bruteforce / Hacking Attempts Detection System

    hey guys, i have just started with this new small project of mine and one of my colleague, - (available with http or https) cus of my curiosity and also insipired by (but NOT based on) the work of, i have decided to make my own IP detection system which allows y'all to...
  2. Yidir

    USER GIVEAWAY points Giveaway

    I'm having approx. 3M otohits points and decided to give them away. They're actually officially worth €4 i'll be giving ~500k points per winner means you're winning €1 :lol: , there will be 4 winners! How to participate : Reply with a text explaining why you actually did not choose to scam...
  3. krackhead

    Paypal chargeback fee?

    Is it true that for every chargeback you get Gaypal deduct $20 from your account? There's no reference of any $20 deduction from my account anywhere on GayPal. I know they are shady as fk. Does this only applied to unauthorized chargeback from credit card company?