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  1. A

    Free tokens (multiple). Just paste the addresses.

    Hello guys. These are tokens that are distributed to all. Just paste these address on the custom token contract address field address. Add this in all your wallets like trust wallet, metamask, token pocket. etc.. . Will add more when if I get any. Please update if you guys know any. ETH...
  2. A

    Free BSW coins. 1BSW = 1.75$. PAYMENT PROOF.. Swap, Farm, Stake....

    This is the new DEX that offer free BSW coins. They also have offer farms upto 14500% APR !! Steps : 1. You must have MetaMask wallet or Trust wallet 2. Go to DApps in the Trust wallet and paste this url: non-ref if using in PC go to the...
  3. M

    Easy Make Money Just SPIN and Get CASH $$$ BTC

    Hi Members Today You Can Get Easy Make Money Just SPIN and Get CASH $$$ BTC SignUp and reward 100 Gold for Spin You Can Make (+30/day) Play free games. Win real cash and crypto Get 100 coins and start winning now! Click HERE For START
  4. Soumen Bose

    Most trusted Faucet cum Hybrid i-gaming platform ( earn min 1800 sat a day)

    Betfury is a hybrid i-gaming platform based on Tron blockchain with a combination of traditional gambling practices and unique dividend sharing system. They offer 4 types of games: In house games Table games Slots games Live Casino games...
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  6. coininpjs

    The Crypto Homepage (Great Free Tool To Increase Your Crypto)

    Hello everyone, Today I will share with you my handmade tool that I use multiple times a day to help increase my crypto holdings. Basically I made a "browser startup page" that is simple and lists the top 4 crypto faucets and has a google image to take you directly to if you need to...
  7. A

    Win free bitcoins every hour

    Hello guys! Just want to tip you of a site i use to get free bitcoins once every hour :) Also get lottery and a few other ways to make bitcoin for free, good luck. - WIN UP TO $200 IN FREE BITCOINS -MULTIPLY YOUR BITCOINS PLAYING HI-LO - WIN HI-LO JACKPOTS UP TO 1 BITCOIN - FREE WEEKLY LOTTERY...
  8. coininpjs

    Ad2Bitcoin - Get Free Bitcoin & Advertising (With SurfBar)

    Join this bitcoin banner advertising network to earn some easy bitcoin and get some free advertising for your banners. :love:Ref: :(no ref:
  9. nayanam

    (Instant Withdrawl)Make money with low investment!!!(10% instant cashback)

    Do you want passive income with low investment? I will give 10% of your investment directly to your account!!!(PM me for details ) If YES follow these simple steps 1. REGISTER HERE!!! Non-ref 2. goto "buy birds" on the left side menu under "My Farm"...
  10. t1n0pr

    Free Satoshi Game

    Hi friends, i'm not an expert on making lot of bitcoins, but today i will share with you how to make 300 to 600 daily satoshis. Free Bitcoin Spinner is an old game, maybe you heard there of him. They pay via coinbase, and you can claim your satoshis every 3 days. I hope you guys use my referral...
  11. theend1991

    [OFFICIAL] Spectrocoin Faucet - claim your satoshi - from 25 to 800 satoshi for claim

    SPECTROCOIN OFFICIAL FAUCET If you like this my thead please like me and use my ref link. Ask for link in private. Thank you
  12. javadth

    get 10 EKT tokens , already on exchange

    hi what u need ? telegram + erc20 wallet address join this link : or : inter your erc20 wallet address then enter your verify code on telegram bot : @EKTbot just start bot and enter...
  13. HappyHarry

    How to get 20x Free Roll in

    How to get 20x Free Roll in If you are an expert, please go to the end of the thread. is a BitCoin Faucet doubling up a BitCoin Bank, Mining , and gambling site. The Most sought after way to earn BitCoins from it is #1. Make regular faucet claims #2. Play Multiply...
  14. lvlr007

    Btcsearch | search engine, which pays you

    I M NOT OWNER BTCSearch is a web search engine, which pays you 50 Satoshi for each search and to 500 Satoshi for surfing the web and advertisements There are 3 levels of the referral program 1 level 25 % 2 level 10% 3 level 5% Stable payments in 10 different currencies. The Bitcoin...
  15. lvlr007

    1STGHS | Easiet Cloud Mining

    I Am not owner 1STGHS you don't need to deposit funds in order to use 1stGHS You can use free power of 5 Gh/s to earn daily dividend Gh/s Market this is a great alternative that is also worth using.. At any time you can sell your Gh/s power at your own price and also buy power when you see...
  16. lvlr007

    1ink | Bitcoin URL Shortener | Withdraw 1 Satoshi only

    I am not owner Shrink Link Get Bitcoin 1ink simple Bitcoin URL Shortener (Paid to Short URLs) Generate Code for Your Site (Insert code anywhere) You can generate code for your site, all you have to do is copy and paste code on your website to get profits from your unique visitors. We will...
  17. lvlr007

    20hk Faucet | 10/20 Satoshis On Each Claim

    I am not owner << 20hk Faucet You can Earn any time without any time limit We use an easy captcha for our users to claim more We Pay through There is no minimum limit to withdraw and payouts are instant. Referral system on this faucet where you can earn 10% referral commission for...
  18. MRJJ

    FaucetGame - No Time Limits

    Hey, found this faucet with no limits, works quite well and withdraws direct to faucethub which can then be sent on to any other wallets etc. Click here for the link!
  19. lvlr007

    Game Faucet | Free 0.002 Satoshi

    I am not owner << Medieval Empires Register and receive 0.002 BTC for purchases Start earning without your own investments After registration, each user receives 1 card of Goblin for lifetime Exchange trophies to coins and withdraw them in real BTC Minimum withdraw 0.001 Satoshi I Dont...
  20. coininpjs

    Win 0.001 BTC UNLIMITED Times (Game)

    You can play the "bitcoin grid game" at and you can win the 0.001 bitcoin prize unlimited times! It is very easy to play the game: Step 1: Click on the "grid image" to be sent to solve a captcha. Step 2: It will then send you to a sponsor page with a 20...