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  1. goooglealerts


    GET $25 in free Bitcoin, this is the easiest $25 that you'll ever get. Whether if you want to keep it in BTC, invest it or withdrawal it, or whatever you want to do, this is literally so easy. A lot of companies when they first launch, they use this method and technique as pretty much paying...
  2. lvlr007

    Aizmer | Free 100GH/s

    Aizmer New Cloud Mining website , Similer To Fleex (its a ponzi scheme you know that) But they offer 100 GH/S for free and 10%GH/S for every refferal You Can mine Bitcoin , Dogecoin , Litecoin & Usd You can set your power to "Earn" More GH/S, So you will get even more without investing...
  3. lvlr007

    Bitpower | Collect up to 18k Satoshi Every Hour

    i am not owner Bitpower smililar to Claimwithme Join and gain your first 150 Satoshi you can claim every five minutes or even after a hour Range of 150 to 1,528 Satoshi every five minutes The mininum withdrawal amount is 0.0003 BTC I Don't Have Payment Proof Yet BITPOWER Non Ref
  4. lvlr007

    RushBitcoin | View/Watch & Earn | Payment Proof

    i am not owner << RushBitcoin You have a lot of chances to earn Visit websites and earn, simple as that Do you have a YouTube account? Earn while giving likes & dislikes, while watching interesting videos and by subscribing to YouTube channels, Please make sure your browser allows pop-ups Make...
  5. lvlr007

    6 Faucets | Earn upto 10k Satoshi / Day

    Captcha Solving Faucets Earn Upto 10k Satoshi Daily Seek Inn NonRef Each captcha claim - 6 Satoshis No Time Limit - Instant Withdraw - 20% Referral __________________________________________________ Golden Faucet NonRef Each captcha claim - 7 Satoshis No Time Limit - Instant Withdraw - 20%...
  6. lvlr007

    Wallrewards | Claim Free bitcoin | Captcha Solving

    i am not owner << Wall Rewards 1 Captcha = 17 Satoshi ( at time ) Just complete captcha and earn Satoshi bitcoins Withdrawing works by FaucetHub NO MINIMUM WITHDRAW Wall Rewards N o n - R e f
  7. coininpjs

    Bitcoin Grid Game [Win 100,000 Satoshi] 50% Referral Bonus! has a new bitcoin game that has a huge prize of 100,000 satoshi! Bitcoin Grid Game This is a simple game that can let you win huge 100,000 satoshi prizes AND earn huge 50,000 satoshi referral commissions! How to play: Step 1: Go to and click the...
  8. johnycool

    Old but working faucet..5% daily interest on your earnings

    So guys you must have heard of bonusbitcoin. They pay upto 5000 sat every 15 min and 50% referral earnings. And not only this but whatever you earn in a day (yourself +ref), you will get 5% of that every day as bonus in your account. Sign-up under me and you will get 50% of my referral earnings...
  9. j2washere

    Earn 1000 - 3000 Satoshi per minute

    Earn 1000 - 3000 Satoshi EVERY 10minutes ( SORRY FOR THE TITTLE ) I forgot to change it to every 10 minutes sorry minimum withdrawal: 0.003(average $1.68) Every request is usually processed within 24 hours. Ref. Link:\ Non. Ref. Link...
  10. HadiHussain

    NEW BTC Faucet Get Upto 6 Satoshi/Minute Free Autopilot

    ➕Claim every hour or let it run and then collect all satoshi ➕Instant Payment ➕Minimum Withdraw 5000 Satoshi Ref link :thumbsup: Non ref :thumbsdown: Payment Proof in Attachment
  11. freakyomen

    Big Faucet without time limits

    Hi I just found this facuet. It has no limit on how often you can claim satoshi's You just need to do simple image captcha's everytime you claim ref link: non ref link:
  12. A

    Hello Everyone

    Hi and Hello to all members of TheBot.Net. I am a CryptoCurrency enthusiast and currently, I own 2 Bitcoin Faucets. The first one is DiceFaucet and the other one is BitcoinClickers. Dice Faucet is giving away Free Bitcoin every 15 minutes plus it has a Dice Game where you can increase your...
  13. habibkhan72

    Earn Free bitcoins by searching keywords on google

    Hey, I just signed up with SearchTrade, it is a new search engine platform (google search) that gives back advertising income to its users. SearchTrade is pre-selling keywords which will entitle owners to earn income every time the keyword they own will be used as part of search query on the...
  14. habibkhan72

    bitcoin earning trick faucets +vpn+ multiple addresses method

    To learn the complete method you will need to watch the complete video given below. To earn fast and free bitcoins you will need these things. The main benefits of these faucets that they don't have limit acceded problems and they have unlimited balance. Cyblerghost VPN and if this vpn show...
  15. nickman456

    Get paid BTC to watch Videos... *PAYMENT PROOF*

    Super easy... All you do is visit the website and you are good to go. Fill out your email or BTC address and the captcha and you can start earning... Get paid INSTANTLY... What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: non ref:
  16. cooluser

    Need review of Bit Play - Get free bitcoins for playing games

    Hello everyone, Just completed my website Bit Play - Get free bitcoins for playing games Basically, currently we have only one shooting game - Bunny Hunt where you shoot bunnies to get bitcoins. Its in the beta mode and I nees some reviews about various features...
  17. S

    [Free] Earn up to 500 Satoshi every 5 minutes [50% ref earnings]

    Visit here: Features: - Over 1 million satoshi in stock - 50% referral earnings - Earn up to 500 satoshi every 5 minutes - Get paid via FaucetBox and when you reach the minimum you will get paid Visit here:
  18. Quimby

    CannonSatoshi - New Faucet Game

    CannonSatoshi is new game where your task is to build Cannons around the village to attack. You can upgrade your Cannons and than they will be more powerful, more profitable... At the beginning you will get 35.000 Satoshis which you may invest to build your first cannons. You may withdraw...
  19. Sunny399

    PAKFAUCET payment proof

    This payment proof is from a member of Pakfaucet join here and claim 1000 satoshi every 30 minutes
  20. shareman

    [Proof] I got 1.46 Million Satoshi Payment Proof

    hi friends :) here i got my 1.46 Million Satoshi from this site today :) the site drops their min satoshi per hour. hope soon they increase the min satoshi per hour you can earn 1000(fixed)/hour and Upto 1,00,000 (According to present strategy may be soon they...