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  1. JillianV

    Which prize do you want to order from Gokano?

    So, after finally claiming a PS4 on Gokano, I still have about 180 points left and I'll have more by the time the next restock comes. I'm not really sure which prize I should aim for now...maybe a tablet? Idk, we'll see! Which prize do you want guys? :D
  2. oneinamillion

    Anker Promo "Earn $1 Per Ref & Refs Get $30 In Vouchers!"

    - To create an account you need a Facebook,Google or a Twitter account to register! Details: For every person you refer to Anker,you will earn $1 in which you can use on any products they offer on their retail site. For every person you refer that person earns $30 in vouchers to use to...
  3. oneinamillion

    Free Anker Product (Wall Plug or Charger) and $5 Coupon (Free Phone Cord) with Facebook or Google+

    Free cord offer ended quick as fuck... glad I nabbed one.. They are offering new US users at this moment free tech for referring users to their site! All you have to do is sign up! You better hurry up! this only last while items are in stock!!! use ryu's link since I already met my 30 ref...
  4. oneinamillion

    $5 Credit For Cheap Tech OR Go Big For FREE Electronics Method(US Only)!

    Today I will be refreshing you a prior method I shared in the past that was pretty popular until their ran out,BUT don't worry! I will explain everything you can and should do to get electronics at a big discount or go big and get anything you want for free!!! Step One Create yourself an...
  5. shaggyreetha

    [HOT]You all can get,Gokano reached INDIA.congratulate watch

    Gokano reached india Free Notice to join- if you love all this than a new free prizes website is there with free shipping you can register there ...if you all wish you can have a look and grab free prizes ,gadgets & all with free shipping Go here ref link-
  6. drnik

    Prizebox - collect points easier than Gokano and receive free electronics and gadgets!

    Ref link: no ref: 1. What is Prizebox? Prizebox is a web portal, made to benefit its users as much as it can. Members can be a part of a lot of website activities and get rewarded for...
  7. JillianV

    [GUIDE + PROOF!] Gokano: collect points easily and receive free electronics and gadgets!

    I got a free PS4 Slim 500 GB from Gokano! (11/29/2016) REF LINK: Non-ref link: Collect points and get gifts completely for free! Worldwide! - Collect GN points easily and use them to order Prizes during time-limited Restocks - Collect VP...
  8. JillianV

    Received my first prize from Gokano!

    Earlier today I received my prize from Gokano! Here's my proof. SONY 15AP In-ear Headphones Points used: 60 GN Ordered on: July, 2nd Shipped on: July, 23rd Received: July, 27th (in just two working days) Prize received completely for free! No cost and no shipping fee :) Value is $19.99 (source...