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  1. Abhishek006

    Free! Free! Free! 3$ Paypal from, no invest + proof (worldwide)

    Already posted on, Easy to earn $3 paypal free, no invest.. First thanks to @ajmal for sharing this site.. check his thread:- I also share my payment proof.. Hi this is a new method I came across today and its good way to...
  2. febriyana

    USER GIVEAWAY Giveaway $1.5

    I'm bored again, now because my stupid internship. === skip this :badass: So I want make simple game... ================================== GIVEAWAY CLOSED! =============================== Prize for lucky member on this game $1.5 PP for 3 members @ $0.5 PP (Only Verified Paypal Accepted) The...
  3. U

    BUY $10.5-PAYPAL for $8-BTC ONLY

    I will give you $10.50 Paypal for Only $8 Btc!! If anyone need to exchange for this ratio, PM me to deal for exchange. I must need btc
  4. btcven

    2$ PayPal free doing online task [also steam and another stuff]

    Hello. This site has a long time online. You just need to complete some offers on the site. Good Offers by the way. Is even more better if you are from the US. Tasks could be: - Surveys - Download an app - Register on some sites - Follow on twitter and likes on facebook - Even listen to the...
  5. SearchAndWin

    $733.57 Earned @ RewardingWays

    RewardingWays has been one of the best GPT sites for years now. The site is solid to the core. It never goes down, pays quickly, and has a ton of offers that are updated the way they should be on a GPT site. I've earned $733.57 in PayPal and redeemed a ton of Amazon from here...
  6. SearchAndWin

    RewardingDaily - Brand New GPT -

    RewardingDaily Formerly the domain of, has come RewardingDaily! You must sign-up again if you were formerly registered at the aforementioned GPT. Many improvements have been made. PayPal, Amazon, and more, are the current method of payments. You can check it out below...
  7. SearchAndWin

    $2,644 Earned From A GPT Site!!!

    HighestPayGPT has been one of the best GPT sites for a few years now. I've earned $2,644.00 and countless Amazon Gift Cards from here. It's as legit as it gets. You can check out the site below. REF - NON -