free vps

  1. Sunny399

    BUY Need a RDP/VPS at cheap rate

    Hi friends i need rdp for simple mining from computta software. i hope i can get it here at cheap rates i want windows rdp
  2. bhavneetmonu

    Need free VPS

    hi guys do u know any website who provides free vps or trial without adding any credit card. i need to run hitleap and otohits apps any suggestion thanks for you answer
  3. hiperium

    Free VPS 1 Day Trial - Windows 7, Ubuntu....

    Hi TBN. Today I'm giving you a 1 day free VPS from this host : ubidesktop But first , what is UbiDekstop ? ubiDesktop is a remote virtual desktop (Desktop as a Service) that lets you work with your favourite Operating System and applications from any device, wherever you are. In other words...
  4. kiko2001

    SELL AWS Account

    So I am selling an aws account .. ready to make vps price .. 6$ (negotiable) I am just giving u an account that is ready to make free trial vps :) skype chris_bakugan no warranty is given.. you use it on your own :thumbs: Vouch By A Mod
  5. V

    Get Free RDP July 2016 Simple Tutorial

    Hello, This is a new VPS provider in beta. So, you can get free vps here. Just go here: Non-ref Fill out the form then click ADD ME TO BETA They require phone verification. The Hard Thing Is You Need 3 Refer To Activate This Use Tor...
  6. SmokeyBear

    (I pretend to be me every now and then) Free VPS again (uk)

    This promotion has been going on for a while and people have massively used these trial VPS, so you might have heard of this site already: Click on try VPS (first packages) - Fill in info. Afterwards you should get an e-mail with your dashboard link and a password. Next...
  7. IMPOY

    Newbie Question. Can I buy AWS / AZURE VPS HERE?

    Is it prohibited to buy AWS / AZURE account here? Still new. Gonna lot to learn :D I want to buy accounts soon :)
  8. SmokeyBear

    Free VPS (different OSes/sizes etc) - Phone Verification Required (ok dis getting raped, be quick)

    smokeybear the goat sharing vps methods for the indians again even though yall are ungrateful pieces of shit scroll down, fill in the form at the right. as i stated, it's already getting raped, I used a sms receiver and it work BUT you will notice the...
  9. SmokeyBear

    (Another One) 3-day VPS trials - windows + linux etc OS

    - Make an account on - Go to the order page, select a VPS package and use this code: 3DAYSTRIAL to get the trial. - Advance by clicking the next button, you won't need to pay anything. Afterwards an invoice should be created and the trial will start. Do note the VPS...
  10. SmokeyBear

    Get a free Linux VPS for a month

    Saw this site on another forum à la LET a while ago, they launched this promotion recently: - Sign up, confirm e-mail, click on the create button and select the first VPS package (the 512 mb one). - Afterwards, click on the "Add Billing" button. It'll show three options...
  11. J

    free vps rdp for 1 month

    free windows/linux vps rdp for 1 month singup here first then get your free trial if you have sing up you can't get free trail
  12. AlipioIV

    Lifetime VPS (FREE FOR LIFE) Free Cloud VPS $0.00 USD/ Monthly 1 CPU Core 512B RAM 10GB SSD Storage 1TB Traffic Full KVM Cloud Server Upgradeable to Production Tier Yes you heard it right. I just want to help other people here. You will gonna pay $0.75 USD Setup...
  13. S

    FREE 2 Linux VPS or 1 Windows VPS For 1 Month

    Not Working Anymore.
  14. ben14864

    Free VPS Account!

    Get a free VPS account, just sign-up get some referrals and that's all!!!
  15. Lost Falcon

    All in One Free VPS

    Sorry guys I was about to post full thread, But got problem as tomorrow are International Mother Language Day. Anyway most of you guys already know I got few free VPS today. Now just posting their link, I'll edit this thread whenever i'll free. Just made this thread as i promised that I'll share...

    free vps for one month from

    Hello tbn, very good news for all te users and for those who cant access 22hits, here is free vps for you grab it now go here : i got mine with 32gb,360 hddd ,,look at here you just need to send them a...
  17. K

    i have one windows vps how i earn money help me???

    i have one windows vps help me how earn money using this??
  18. simo2807

    FREE VPS 2016 - 14 DAYS TRIAL

    SERVERS LOCATION : Operation system : Server size Optional Features you should try it here ref link Nref Enjoy :wink:
  19. blanqard

    VPS for Free but theres a catch.

    That is right, cloudrino is offering free VPS for you people. Cloudrino enables you to create virtual servers with a click of a button. Features like backups, reboots, reinstallation, upgradation, downgradation can be all accessed with a few clicks. Post beta phase we would launch our mobile...
  20. janjenka

    Free Vps for 1st 3 Months

    Free Windows VPS Register here Free You can also register under me here JOIN NOW The domain must not be privacy protected check it here You can talk to the live chat support too.. I haven't gotten one since my domains are privacy protected just sharing.