1. rastof Free Roll with Captcha Support

    This bot will automatically perform the free roll action. Prerequisites Python 3 Python Package Installer (PIP) Download Code Before running any of the scripts you must create an .env file. Place the following...
  2. JesseSadler

    Hello community!

    Hi, I'm Jesse, I am security researcher, and JavaScript developer. My passion is creating gambling bots, and I have just created my latest bot which I would like to share with tbn community :)
  3. moneyxx8

    Mining with browser (using cpu)

    freebitco made a new feature that allow users to mine bitcoin thought using CPU you just need to open your browser . They allow you also to mine btc using a link without login into your account , so you can use this link to in school or cybercafe Vpn phone ... I dont use freebitco because i...
  4. jas527

    Can anyone help me to write a script?

    Can anyone help me to write a script? i'm try'in to write a gambling script. PM me if you can help me. [EDIT]: Delete the post if you want coz i created the script myself.
  5. samesame

    BUY a working imacros for

    Not longer needed! Already got a working script Hithere, I need a working once a hour claim script for Captchas should be solved automatically via or DBC There are a lot of scripts out there, but non of them is actually working,.. They always fail @ solving captchas I...
  6. C

    Hi this is cyber_sonic

    i am working as a software developer in india. i like creating simple and useful apps for various websites and also create simple vb and greasemonkey bots
  7. Trollers

    0.00062 BTC to 0.01389 BTC - Multiply BTC Game

    Lucky guy Note: This video is not mine :) You can sign up here - non-ref
  8. M glitch

    Apparently this is fixed now. So there was this thread but it got deleted because "the guy" told @Mrcucubaux to delete it, but I dont care about "the guy", so I just pasted the method over here. It's not an exact copy/paste because I didnt actually paste it, but its the exact same method, all...