freedom sucks

  1. qALEX26

    Freedom stoped accepting new users into their network ?

    I just got this today, its that right or its just me ? Strange, in freedom dasboard its normally: If they stoped accepting new applications that sucks.
  2. M

    Got Freedom Invite on Youtube. Should I join?

    Got Freedom Invite on Youtube. Should I join? Is it worth it guys? I just started Youtube a recently and managed to get some views. Now I applied for partner program with Freedom. Do you think its worth it? I am already monetizing my videos withuth Adsense. I have a CPM of 4$ right now. Should I...

    I am shocked, freedom banned me?

    i work hard a built a channel and everything was on till last night, but today morning i wake up and see the earning i just shokced, its shows 0.00$ and also monetization is disbled for every video on my channel ands also freedom unliked, how this is possible? i used websyndic and teslhits ...