1. qALEX26

    Freedom stoped accepting new users into their network ?

    I just got this today, its that right or its just me ? Strange, in freedom dasboard its normally: If they stoped accepting new applications that sucks.
  2. basamgad

    Youtube + Freedom

    I have good youtube channel with legit traffic im with adsense but most of traffic is arabian so its too low cpm what i need here if i partner with freedom and mixed that legit traffic with some traffic from kilohits,ytmonster,..etc to increase my cpm ? i will get banned or not P.S: i try with...
  3. Zombie12345

    SELL Freedom Partnered Account

    A Freedom Partnered Account. Price: $15 [NEGOTIABLE] Just pm me :) --- Post updated --- Bump bump - still selling - accepting pp/btc.
  4. B

    Freedom Network (Youtube Money)

    I just created a newly YT channel with 0 views,0 subs,and 0 videos. and i apply for partnership on freedom and they accepted me right away. is that normal? and i posted a video and send a fake traffic on it and got a almost $14 playback cpm and $10 cpm . I earned $6.54 on the video. and i was...
  5. Arvet333

    YT Freedom copyright strike question

    Hey guys! Today I have received copyright strike on my YT channel. (first one) That channel partnered with Freedom. Question: Will freedom pay me after this? So can I upload more video or should I go with new channel?
  6. Dragon

    Need Freedom or FullScreen Account Please Help

    I want to create YouTube Channel but I need Freedom or FullScreen or any other partner account. Please anyone have account ? Please help ??
  7. M

    Got Freedom Invite on Youtube. Should I join?

    Got Freedom Invite on Youtube. Should I join? Is it worth it guys? I just started Youtube a recently and managed to get some views. Now I applied for partner program with Freedom. Do you think its worth it? I am already monetizing my videos withuth Adsense. I have a CPM of 4$ right now. Should I...
  8. Slorunner

    Got paid even if i my monetization got banned

    just some proof here ;) #Freedom! @Rednetwork don't worry if you get banned :P i will update this if i get march earnings (i was demonetized in march ;) )
  9. ditimafgg

    Acceptance of freedom

    hey guys , I accepted from them but I still do not see the "learn more" on the panel, I have to wait long for an answer from them, an idea that will help me
  10. alicia0

    Freedom+TE=200$ plus

    Hey Brothers! i'm willing to share with you a simple trick that will allow you to make as much as you like from any MCN especially freedom and bentpixels. here's some screenshots: btw i have 2 channels one is partnered with Freedom and the other with bentpixels,let's start with Freedom ...
  11. PsychoSlap

    My Latest Freedom Payment (TE :)

    This is my latest payment I received last December from one of my test channels on Freedom... Luckily I didn't get any bans.... Yes I used TE's with this one with a mix of some SSH and proxies, just to try it out and join the YT TE bandwagon even if Im already doing good on some of my legit YT...
  12. TheG0DBoy

    Aquos Digital/Freedom - YouTube Partnership, High CPM's, Accepts Everyone!

  13. kulme

    $28 Freedom! Payment Proof

    My august earnings with Freedom! :happy: Just TE. Websyndic and teslahits Earnings from video. Not affliate
  14. V

    Should I leave Freedom

    Hey guys I was wondering if I should leave Freedom if i'm going to use Th for Monetization views for $ and if so what partnerships pays for bot views keep in mind I buy Hr Views added to the view counter I get around 10k hr Views
  15. abhirijal

    FREEDOM SUCKS and.... I'm stuck wid them

    I mistakely applied for a awesome network called freedom and I got.... kind of approved :thumbs: Look at their Awesome CPM AND NOW I'M STUCK FOR 30 DAYS TO UNLINK from Their Masterpice Network Never apply for freedom. Don't even think about it .
  16. elmuerto120

    First payment proof of Freedom (

    This is my first payment of freedom :D My channel: Make my ref in freedom: No ref :(
  17. janjenka

    Dominating Youtube Without Uploading A Single Video (All You Need To know)

    Hello and Good day to all TBN'ers I just happen to pass by and say hello... I noticed that many of you are into youtube (well same for me as I am starting Youtube) These are Simple guides that I use in Promoting in CPA (didn't Earned there though) So without Further Ado lets begin.. See...

    I am shocked, freedom banned me?

    i work hard a built a channel and everything was on till last night, but today morning i wake up and see the earning i just shokced, its shows 0.00$ and also monetization is disbled for every video on my channel ands also freedom unliked, how this is possible? i used websyndic and teslhits ...