1. RobertKarash

    I am Alpha

    According to scientific research, I am in fact an alpha male: However, I am no better than anyone else and I do not have an ego. We are all created equal and I form an alliance with all. Regardless of gender (women are superior), race, religion or...
  2. chameleon

    The end of crypto

    Hold, Hold, don't fear the bear lol
  3. Oatmeal Boy

    What if grown ups acted like kids! Funny..

  4. E

    Where can I submit this post to promote it and make it viral?

    18+ WARNING Read it full. It is very good :giddy: The post is I want to share it on the internet in various places to get it to go viral. How can I do this? Any tips ?
  5. DEADZ

    Favorite RPG Game And Why?

    What's your favorite RPG game and why? Leave a gameplay video in the comments! Mine has always been Final Fantasy 10 because of the amazing Summons: Always loved FF games because of the summons and then in FF 10 you could finally summon and use them! WHAT!!!??! :icame:
  6. DEADZ

    Who watches Rap Battles?

    and what's your favourite one? here's mine:
  7. Mrkilla

    The End Of Internet : We Are Doomed

  8. tarung98

    Guess What? Apple Lost Their Common Sense With iPhone 6 !!!

    It's really entertaining to see when big brands like Apple have to "lick their own spit". As evident from the "iPhone 5 TV Advertisement" video shared below, with release of new iPhone's having bigger screen's Apple have defied their own “dazzling display of common sense”. A must watch
  9. tarung98

    If Google Was A Guy

  10. djpinito

    LINKS Crackhead trys to buy crack from the wrong house, lmao

  11. Mrkilla

    This Guy Needed Amazon Chat Support, But What He Got Instead Was awesomeness!

    Check out this customer service log that someone saved during an Amazon customer service session. The reps name is Thor, and what happens next is pure fan boy awesomeness. This rep needs a promotion, a HUGE promotion if this is indeed true. LOL!
  12. ElDorado

    What is The Best YouTube Channel You Like ?

    Tell me the best YouTube Channel you like ?
  13. W4tch

    Free $5 Amazon card!!!

    Funniest post or pictures/gifs wat ever, gets a $5 amazon card good luck! have a great day :top::pfft:
  14. skylikemake

    Funniest Gifs Ever!!

    Comment funniest gifs you ever seen
  15. Stickle

    What do you do while your awake?

    The question is quite simple and self explainity, how do you spend your day? what do you get up the most during the day apart from browsing on TBN as I know you access this forum, it doesn't take a genuis to work that one out! So do you listen to music? do you watch films? What do you do apart...
  16. unfogiven19

    Like a boss Compilation 2016 + Funniest Videos of 2016

    Hello TBN As always your Channel - FreeChill - Raining Diamonds The Best HERE Feel Free To subscribe .. Thank you ^_^ Funniest Videos Of 2016 Like A Boss Compilation 2016 Thank you guys for watching
  17. karansudhi

    Any one want this kind of videos with your name

    Any one want this kind of videos with your name its free check out the sample and i have many more for you 1> 2>
  18. Harwinder


    Hey guys :> This thread will contain your daily laughs and funny memes/stuff around the internet! Feel free to contribute by posting your favorite one! I will be posting 1 to 5 funny memes/stuff around the internet per day. Please contribute to make this thread amazing! Leave a like if you...
  19. Riderofdeath

    nigger owner's Manual xD srry if this is to racist for you =/

    welp just read this if u haven't laugh in a while o.0 and yea sry it is (kinda ) racist didn't know where to put it so i posted it under anime/movies/tv-shows
  20. karansudhi

    Created Funny Videos Blog W8ing for adsense

    Any type of suggestion and help how much time it will take to approve adsense its new and hosted account