1. delirious

    Unable to post links here.

    Hi, what is with this? You must first meet the minimum requirements Minimum Requirements You must have at least 100 Posts (Yours: 151) You must have at least 10 Likes (Yours: 10) You must be registered for at least 14 days (Yours 2019) Am I from the future?
  2. Pangloss


    if there is one thing you could change about your past,what would it be?
  3. woodkid

    How soon will TOR and VPN become illegal?

    Everything indicates that in the not-so-distant future governments of many countries (US will be first) will decide to increase the level of online surveillance to the level yet unknown and unimaginable to many, for example forcing you to ID yourself in order to access the Internet, whether by...
  4. shaggyreetha

    (hot)Latest payment proof install slideapp & earn unlimited(trick or method given)

    hello all TBN users .Slide another great app launched which will allow you to earn free recharge on each time you read a simple article or each time you unlock your phone! Yes it is, Slide is an app that ensures you view the content of your choice and earn at all times! Get productive and use...
  5. freakyomen

    Getting Caught Masturbating in the Future

    That's how it looks getting caught masturbating in the future :happy:
  6. A

    I am Andy, I come from the future.

    Hey guys ! How you doing ? I am coming from the future to save planet earth :)
  7. tarung98

    The End Of Internet : We Are Doomed |

  8. P0gunicorn

    [Let's Discuss] << Future expectations >>

    Guys so i got an idea... Let's talk about your view on future and what you think, how people will be living their lives in 2050 -> or more :) or talk about your personal live where you think you will be etc.. Hope TBN will be still UP, we will see ...
  9. AnsemWise

    AnsemWise's Theory on a Distributed Society [Opinions Wanted]

    I'm going to try and keep this short :p A part of the human condition is greed and self interest. This is just a fact of life because we needed both traits to survive the last 2 million years or so. (Fucked up and put 35 million, thanks @CoderChris ) Until science finds how to alter those...
  10. MATAD0R

    What do you regret the most in your life?

    As topic says, let make it started... Few years ago my parents ''gave'' me their bussiness, a Restaurant (that's a great bussiness, $$) and I've got alot obsessed with the bussiness (Managing it around 12-15hours per day, yes!). I had a girlfriend that lasted 5 years relationship and then I...