g2a payment proof

  1. hack2livehd

    Got my first Payment! 50€

    Hey Guys, just wanted to share my first Payment from G2A Goldmine with you: I know its not much for everyone, but i'm happy that i earned something :) Dont know about G2A? You can join here: https://www.g2a.com/goldmine/join/us/KD2RS0XS if you need some help to share the link with others sent...
  2. kixer

    G2A.com payment proof

    So i couldn't edit my other thread where i used a payment proof copied from google. I wanted to delete that from the thread but i couldn't, so I decided to upload my real proof. The problem is that it's a Swedish proof. It's also the reason why i used the google image. (Which have been proven to...