1. Blaze

    $280 Roulette Payout | My Own Method

    Hi there. I've not been on in a long time, since I have been busy with a lot of things. Including spending lots of time developing methods for Roulette games. So I recently discovered methods, on how to make some nice cash on Roulette. It's not a bullet proof method, but if you are able to...
  2. Sobotix

    Autopilot Earning

    Currently 1 BTC = $1904.98 But BTC mining require some investment, so It's a good idea to earn some free BTC for your investment. Simplest and 100% Autopilot solution is : Freebitco Here we would be using Betting not free hourly BTC. After you signup go to Free BTC Tab then claim your BTC...
  3. Saw222

    My Gambling Addiction!(Life=Curse)

    Hi Thanks to Mr @kiranrh i got to know about this website (before that i always though this website was fully rigged) so i bought a script from @kiranrh and deposit 0.72$ into bustabit and after running @kiranrh script for about 2 to 3hours i made 2$ then i started...
  4. btcprofit

    [Hiring] (Small Job) Create a program that returns data from a web page.

    Hello, I am looking to have a program/code that gathers information for from a specific webpage. I want a program with a GUI with the ability to filter. Will be compensated via PayPal. $$$ Website page and more details will be provided in PM.