1. melvinq

    Gambling - Cockfighting Live

    Live Cockfighting on Mobile Free to register, 100npeso minimum bet or 2usd 24/7 live support pm me for other other question facebook account : www facebook com/quiozon SABONG ONLINE is now on your mobile devices!! 300 Quality Fights Daily From 7AM To...
  2. Blaze

    $280 Roulette Payout | My Own Method

    Hi there. I've not been on in a long time, since I have been busy with a lot of things. Including spending lots of time developing methods for Roulette games. So I recently discovered methods, on how to make some nice cash on Roulette. It's not a bullet proof method, but if you are able to...
  3. Midgarosormr

    Betcoin's Addictive New Game: Wrath of Ra!

    I've been a member of a while now: Mostly I've played Blackjack and placed a few sports wagers (the time I made $150.00 playing Blackjack always brings a grin to my face!). I was browsing around Bitcointalk and stumbled on their thread on there, and in that thread I came across their...
  4. Nightbreed

    Gamble BTC LTC or ETH for potential profit *not guaranteed* or invest BTC LTC or ETH for the same.

    Ongoing Contest with Crypto Prizes currently! Sign up to dice bet here -----> Join Dice Bet <----- or use the link in my Signature as they both lead to the same place. If you sign up under me as my referral please PM me and I will tell you how you can get some free satoshis to test out this...
  5. L

    MEET Me

    Hi friends, i'm new here, i will love to explore the bot more. i need your guild.
  6. funkymoney

    Make Money with Sportsinvestment.

    I have been in Sports investment or betting sports and have some experience. I would like to share my picks and guide those who are interested in gambling. First of all you should have great money management skills and a steady mind to earn profits in the longer run. I would place my picks...
  7. Klendor

    CS:GO Gambling sites 35+

    Follow on twitter: Check the website:
  8. philip337 - $1 Free for game bets

    Title says everything, i got invited to this site from my friend. Back then we used to get $5 for free, unfourtnate u only get $1 today, but still something. You can play your $1 you've got for free, on CS:GO, LOL, dota2 and much more tournaments. It depends on the team, but multiplier can be...
  9. JillianV

    Earned $67 on ClixSense today!

    Check this out! :) Today I decided to complete an offer on ClixSense: "William Hill Casino" on KiwiWall's page. Reward: 6000 Clixcents = $60 Requirements: sign up, deposit €25 and gamble your whole deposit in casino games. So I followed the instruction: I signed up to William Hill...
  10. Logia

    $2.2 BTC turn to $110 BTC

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  11. Saw222

    Made $600 within 2 days ;)

    My TBN community i have something to brag about so i am here On march 03 2017 i deposited $100 BTC into a website call (the amount in the image is 78,547 because the amount unit on website is in bits so at that time $100 BTC was = 78,547Bits) So after depositing i had...
  12. Saw222

    My Gambling Addiction(Recovered)Part 2

    Hi This is the part 2 of my gambling addiction Part1 = So basically i had wasted $40 into Bustabit after that today i started properly gambling again and this time i deposited $3.5 and started gambling again & made that $3.5...
  13. Saw222

    [Leak]BustaBit Script 2017

    Hi community About 2 days ago i bought a script from @kiranrh for $5 and i deposited $0.72 into website by using script for about 2 to 3 hours i made $2 Reason:I want to save other members $5 so i am sharing it. Link to Script:
  14. Saw222

    My Gambling Addiction!(Life=Curse)

    Hi Thanks to Mr @kiranrh i got to know about this website (before that i always though this website was fully rigged) so i bought a script from @kiranrh and deposit 0.72$ into bustabit and after running @kiranrh script for about 2 to 3hours i made 2$ then i started...
  15. kiranrh

    REVIEW MY SITE Review TheBet.In

    Hi all, Review our newly launched bitcoin prediction gambling site https://TheBet.In More Info : Note : Its moved to here and Im selling the script...
  16. C

    CRYPTOSDICE - bet and invest BTC & +40 altcoins

    Cryptosdice - the new dice platform with BTC and +40 altcoins. Bet with our special slider and choose any interval, for example 0.25-0.75 or any other you want. Affiliates program 10% comission
  17. Cullen

    [HOT] Earn CSGO Skins Gambling For FREE! No Deposits! ~ Cullen

    Earn FREE Skins by Cullen Hi there members, It's been a while since I've posted anything on these forums so this post is well overdue! I have recently started playing CS-GO and noticed the MASSIVE amount of gambling sites associated with the game. I have found one in particular that seemed...
  18. fas66

    Best Advertising for Casino site

    Hello friends, Can anyone recommend me a best advertising site for promoting my Casino website. Has any one tried adsforgambling ? Any help is appreciated ;)
  19. cris

    Sports Group

    Hey, I hope all doing good Let me Introduce myself I'm cris from UK (Formerly from India) I've got some great sports betting strategy would like to share with newbie's I've been betting on sports for over 1 year & I've been watching sports when i was Kid I'm always learning new strategies to...
  20. fdaily

    All or Nothing Situation

    Wanted to know what TBN members would actually do in this situation: Say, you are broke. $0. BUT, you have a credit card With a $1000 Limit. You need to use that 1K to make money to live for that week. PS. In this world you can not find a job. You just start out with $0 and 1K of credit. So...