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  1. AlpinaGaming

    Hello, I'm Alpina

    and this is my new account on "" I made it so I could comment and stuff, but... don't follow me or do anything to my account here b/c I'm never gonna be on it. If u want to follow, check my Twitch or YT.
  2. Chris Lance

    Started a new Gaming YouTube channel

    I just started a new gaming channel about three weeks ago and its up to 9 subs. Been talking to allot of people on reddit and they say play new indie games if you want to grow your channel, but so far I'm just playing games I've had on...
  3. qALEX26

    SELL Sell Youtube BBTV Gaming Channel with facebook and twitter - Screenshots

    Hello . The channel has 268 subscribers .. 130+ are with subhub but they are sticky .. I have them from 2 3 months. The channel has 15k views..and still coming but mostly I send traffic with YTmonster.. 10K Views are from a video , all legit without te. The channel has even a
  4. Blaze

    YouTube Team with 1 channel?

    Hi everyone. My name is Kevin, and I want to create a funny YouTube gameplay/lets play team who can make videos with me or doing them alone on one single channel. So we upload videos often, and split the money depending on what we earn for the videos. Ofc the channel will be english, and we have...