1. Nisthar

    How to know if geckobrowser finished loading a webpage?[c#]

    I am using document_completed event to check if the document finished loading. I am using the following code: nsISupports thisPointer = (nsISupports)geckoWebBrowser1.Window.DomWindow; string script = @" function send(){...
  2. buzz4rd

    How can I do This in Gecko DLL VB.NET ?

    1. We can simply use this for Default web browser. But how can i do the same thing in Gecko ? WebBrowser1.Document.All.Item("ID name").InnerText = "Any String" I have Tried this GeckoWebBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByName("ID name")(0).SetAttribute("ID name","value") But it's useless. 2...