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  1. wdillon425


    Every Christmas it seems people feel obliged to buy you gift cards when they don't really know what you want, because cash is apparently too rude to give. But let's face it cash is what you really want. There's this brilliant website that lets you buy and sell gift cards, you can buy gift cards...
  2. M

    Got paid 203.16 in 1 day

    You owned a car? then you can turned your car into a money machine. Double your fare with surge pricing areas to maximize your earning. Use this link to sign up: They pay directly to your local bank (weekly payment) Here is my y personal payment proof below within 1 day:
  3. J

    Treasure Trooper - Classic and Trusted GPT

    Sign up here! non ref link below! Treasure Trooper is my go to, classic GPT site. It offers great payouts for all members, with a tight, supportive community on the forum and chat room. I also give generous gifts to all my new referrals as a thank you and a welcome to the site. You'll see my...
  4. wdillon425

    BUY $15 for YouTube Icon!

    hey, I'm looking to buy a professional looking YouTube logo for $15. this is my channel, where you can see my current logo: I'd like the new logo to be made in this sort of style: I'd like my logo to be...