1. DogeHTDV

    Criticize my graphic

    Any thoughts or comments are welcome!
  2. jacknet

    Rate my work ( Intro Video Project )!

    Hello everyone here, Please rate my humble work :giddy: This is it : Finally i want to say thanks for watching :top:
  3. B

    BUY A logo and header for my business

    Hello. I am about to create a cloth shop, and I need a guy (or girl lol) to create a logo (facebook profil picture) and a header (facebook cover photo). PM me to get more information. We can discuss price and such there.
  4. wdillon425

    BUY $15 for YouTube Icon!

    hey, I'm looking to buy a professional looking YouTube logo for $15. this is my channel, where you can see my current logo: I'd like the new logo to be made in this sort of style: I'd like my logo to be...
  5. laklaker

    I'll make you signatures [FREEEEEE]

    Hi! I'm going to give one my skills as GFX Designing to this forum. I'll make everyone free signatures! Format: Size: Color Scheme: Text: Additional addons: I'll try my best to do it as fast as I can. And thank you for giving me a chance to show off one my skill in the forum! :D