1. P


    Everyone on Youtube is losing 1000s of subs per second. Even PewDiePie is streaming currently and he is talking about it. This might be the biggest glitch on YouTube that has ever happened.
  2. deeraj005

    Help regarding cPanel!

    I am a noob in earning online department and recently I created a site with byethost as hosting partner. The site was running fine, but next day, I encountered a cPanel as in the image. Any help? Thanks!!
  3. M glitch

    Apparently this is fixed now. So there was this thread but it got deleted because "the guy" told @Mrcucubaux to delete it, but I dont care about "the guy", so I just pasted the method over here. It's not an exact copy/paste because I didnt actually paste it, but its the exact same method, all...