1. steampunkz


    Credits to this guy :top: Its 17:17 GMT TOM OR LATER :pfft:
  2. thewordis


    http://gokano.com/ref/NGc5BLfxgREQaz1gb0bdKrev to all my friends who want to earn for a free ps4 xbox one phones, etc etc all you got to do is to answer a few questions and boom you get points! it is as simple http://gokano.com Its as easy as flaming pie ;)
  3. JillianV

    Which prize do you want to order from Gokano?

    So, after finally claiming a PS4 on Gokano, I still have about 180 points left and I'll have more by the time the next restock comes. I'm not really sure which prize I should aim for now...maybe a tablet? Idk, we'll see! Which prize do you want guys? :D
  4. shaggyreetha

    SELL Gokano with 1566 gn selling urgent won 3 prizes with this account

    Hi all, UPDATED:- I am selling my gokano account with 2219 gn & 81 real refferals..1 year old genuine account won 3 times prizes with this account. i am selling it in 140$(price negotiable) if anybody interested than comment below or pm me. I accept payment only with paypal & yes buyer...
  5. JillianV

    Ordered PS4 Slim on Gokano!

    So, last year I signed up to Gokano to try and get a PS4 for free. I ordered a small gift to test the site out and I received it. Assured that the site was legit, I started collecting enough points to get my dream prize. Unfortunately, the site started experiencing pretty bad server problems and...
  6. shaggyreetha

    SELL gokano account gold member with 1469 gn

    i want to sell gokano account gold member with 1469 GN at 100$ ..won two times prizes(see proof below) with this account...if anybody interested pm me or comment below http://thebot.net/threads/hot-you-all-can-get-i-got-2-prizes-from-gokano-reached-india.339373/ --- Post updated --- i want to...
  7. devilcry

    SELL Gokano Gold account with 450GN

    I m selling my account anyone like to buy give me ur offer.from 450 points u can redeem 100 AGC or 100$ Paypal or anything else from http://gokano.com/prizes .I m selling this because I dont wanna wait till next restock and need money soon.Pm Me
  8. A

    Get iphone 6,go pro,amazon gift card,paypal money,fitness watches and much much more.

    Hey Guys I am a new new member and i am searching for easy money making tricks because i want to get a gaming pc. sorry for the title. I posted this title accidentally. I was going to post the link of the website but i realized that I cannot post the link as i am new so I just gave my...
  9. Lost Falcon

    Gokano May 2016 Restock Time with Countdown

    View Countdown at Online-Countdown.net I try to Make it, But not showing in here. So you have to click it. Edited many times to fix it, can't fix. By the way If you like to say thanks then Hit like. :wink: Main Source
  10. David_Hawaii

    I just won Gokano headphones?

    Really ?? I just won??
  11. Nonneon123

    Gokano Account 145 GN - BTC

    I cant be fucked waiting for the restock and shit - members here share or you can google the times. you can buy stuff including paypal,amazon and g2a gift cards. Im accepting btc only for now pm me yay... Proof of gn i guess?
  12. David_Hawaii

    Gokano 2016 March restock time

    Hello, it's me I was wondering if after all these years You'd like to see, Give me like from the other side I must've have a thousand likes Tell me thank you, yeaaaaaaa for everything that I've done P.S. use time converter ( http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html ) It's...
  13. Kingston1569

    Received prize from Gokano Yeahhhh !! 50$ amazon !

    Hi, Sorry for my bad english ^^ I finally received my prize after 1month and 15days of waiting. The code works great ! A lot of people say gokano is a scam but it's not true :) If u want to register with my link click HERE ;) Without my link HERE :( MY PROOF ! :D Good luck, next restock...
  14. Trollers

    SELL Gokano Account with 42GN $2 BTC

    edit: not for sale
  15. David_Hawaii

    Gokano 2016 January restock time

    Gokano 2016 January restock time :3 You're welcome. Now use time converter :) OR IT CAN BE 19:19 GMT
  16. David_Hawaii

    Gokano January restock time?

    Does anyone know Gokano January restock time? It will take place 31st January
  17. Kicked

    Gokano Prize Ordered :D + Great News !

    I managed to order a tshirt. Though it was not what I wanted but its goooood ! :D And the great news is that there will be two restocks in January 2016 ! More info here :- http://goo.gl/yhv6uW
  18. vistatech

    Play Android game and make points on Gokano

    Gokano is a place where you earn points for logging in daily and answering a simple question. These points can then be redeemed for gadgets ranging from a USB stick to Macbook air. Now, they are giving the members an opportunity to play Android game and make points for that. Play that game 6...
  19. brrip

    SELL Gokano Account With 1630+ GN For $20

    I want Sell My Gokano Account With 1631 GN Points. All referrals are legit as legit can get Gold Club (Shirt has already be sent and received by me). Overall account is in perfect standing! Price $20. if you are interested to buying pm me.
  20. shaggyreetha

    SELL Gokano acct with 441 GN

    i want to sell gokano account gold member with 441 GN at 40$ ...if anybody interested pm me