golden mines

  1. kwesi8

    Golden Mines - Browser Game with Payment Proof

    PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME !!! Golden Mines is a browser game where you can make some passive income. Sign Up Bonus 1) 300 Silver Coins = $3 2) 1 Dwarf, to mine Ore. 1) Daily Bonus. Claim free daily bonus from 10 to 100 silver coins. 2) Hire Dwarfs. Dwarfs will mine Ore. 3) Collect Ore. Ore...
  2. vashkiri

    $86 Received off Initial $60 Investment FULL GUIDE+PROOF

    Hey guys, if you havn't checked my guide yet, here it is : I received 3 new payments today !! :D :D :D This is really working, I don't understand why not more of you are signing up...