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  1. brian0070071

    Need tips/tricks for gpt/survey sites

    Hi everyone, just have a quick question and wondering if anyone can help me. I use alot of gpt/survey sites to make some extra cash here and there but alot of times do not have alot of luck (may make a few dollars here and there) but I've seen many people on those sites make way more by surveys...
  2. K

    are GPT sites worth?

    well i kinda wanted free stuff from a GPT site using my US VPS. but it takes so long to earn points, for example. i wanted a $20 EU gift card, it's 1000 points, and with each free offer, you get like 10-20 points. is there a way to get faster points?
  3. SearchAndWin

    EarnLocker - Brand New GPT - 11 Offer Walls - PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon

    EarnLocker is a brand new GPT site. It has (11) Offer Walls; Adwork Media, Adscend Media, WannaAds, SuperRewards, Offer Toro, Dryverless Ads, Kiwi Wall, Offer Daddy, Minute Staff, CPALead, & PTC Wall. $1.00 PayPal, $5.00 Bitcoin, and $1.00 & $10.00 Amazon gift cards, are methods of payment...
  4. SearchAndWin

    StuffPoints - FREE Promo Code Thread - GPT Site

    StuffPoints is a great multi-faceted GPT site that offers frequent promo codes for FREE StuffPoints. This thread will be dedicated to notifying everybody when a code is released. Here is the first code - welcome15 There are a ton of prizes at StuffPoints. Here is a list; PayPal, Amazon US...
  5. SearchAndWin

    GPTMaximum - Brand New GPT Launch - PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon

    GPTMaximum is a brand new GPT site that just launched. Methods of payment are; PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards. There are contests, advertising, ect... . You can check out the site below. REF - Non -
  6. SearchAndWin

    OneDayRewards - FREE Promo Code

    OneDayRewards, the best new GPT site to be launched in years, has just released a free promo code. Make sure to snag it before it's gone. Promo Code; 6F00T7FOOT
  7. dotproxy

    GPT site 0.1$ per reff

    Don't you want an easy way to get an Amazon gift card so you can choose from millions of products to purchase? There's a fast and easy way to get Amazon gift cards for free. All you have to do is signup with and watch the Amazon gift cards pour in. It's really easy to start earning...
  8. SearchAndWin

    GetMoneyGPT - Brand New GPT - PayPal - LAUNCH!!!

    GetMoneyGPT has just launched. PayPal, instant gift cards and more. image "Contests Nov 7, 2015 at 08:38 PM Currently running an offer contest and referral contestthrough the end of 2015. Please follow us on Twitterto get some extra promo codes. We're currently seeking a few more...