1. Fatpunker

    Idle Empire

    What is Idle-Empire? Idle-Empire is a platform where users get rewarded for completing online tasks and offers. There are many different ways in which you can start earning credits. Earning methods such as watching videos, computer mining, and AFKing in video game lobbies… do not require any...
  2. Bleetels


  3. JillianV

    Completed surveys while chilling, made $36 in an hour

    Finally had some spare time today so I decided to see what my good ol' fave GPT had to offer Made a whopping $32 (+ $4 daily bonus) while chilling for an hour. Not bad! This GPT has been online since 2007. It's legit, reliable and paying PayPal, Amazon (US, UK, DE, ES, IT), Skrill...
  4. Fatpunker

    Freecash App

    What Is Freecash ? Freecash is a GPT site and app that pays you to play games, answer surveys, and complete offers. Launched in 2020, Freecash is one of the fastest-growing reward apps on the internet. It has one of the highest payouts in the industry and offers a variety of payment methods...
  5. Warfare

    My Payments from ySense

    ySense is in my opinion one of the best GPT sites (Get Paid To). ySense (formerly known as ClixSense) was founded in 2007. The site is available worldwide and it offers multiple earning options. Surveys ySense has partnered with several survey providers such as Toluna, OpinionWorld...
  6. ZX3

    LitecoinGet - Instant cashout with $0.50 minimum.

    I binge code this site in under a week. Still adding offers and features. It's fully working with instant cash out. no bullshit. I will be adding a referral system within the next week and more surveys. things to add soon. ref system. audio notification for...
  7. JillianV

    [Guide + Proof] Earn up to $54 playing RAID Shadow Legends (ySense Revenue Universe offer)

    Follow this thread! I'll update when DOUBLE or TRIPLE reward promos are active on ySense Please be aware there' s a similar RAID offer available (open 2 Sacred Shards in 30 days) but it's a lot harder to complete and not worth it! Read the offer's description carefully! The one you want to...
  8. Puskawolf

    Freeward GPT | Watch Videos and earn money! ( Passive Income )

    In addition to we added HideoutTv and AscendMedia to Freeward. Watch videos passively and earn coins! Hideout.TV is a rewarded video platform that allows users to earn rewards by watching videos even passively. You can also find other video categories there. Instructions: Signup here...
  9. reza659401

    I need someone in US to confirm a mail address for 25$

    Hi. I need someone to do me a favor and confirm a mail address on a GPT website called Swagbucks. There will be no responsibilities toward you and it helps me get some income I really really need. you will give me the address and I will ask the website to mail you the verification code and you...
  10. Manul22

    Digital Earn promo code (40 points)

    Hi, A new Promo Code worth of 40 points for Digital Earn is available: 382293 Use it at
  11. Manul22

    REVIEW MY SITE New GPT site: Digital Earn ( - Need some feedback

    Hi guys, In the past few weeks I got some free time and I started to work on a new project called Digital Earn. It's a get-paid-to website and I've built it from the experience of another GPT project (Instant Steam Key) that I failed to make it profitable. I made this thread to gather some...
  12. AMG

    Do you still use GPTs? Drop your feedback

    Hi guys. I am currently collecting feedback for a new gpt that is on its way. It includes paypal & crypto payments and some exciting differences in comparison to other gpts. Before we start, we want some initial feedback, and this section seems best fitting to find the best answers. 1. What do...
  13. JillianV


    Online since February 2007 and previosuly known as ClixSense, ySense is reliable GPT site! Earned $8,000 on ySense! Sign up here: Non-ref link: - Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Amazon EUR gift cards and...
  14. brian0070071

    Magic Cash Gpt- Magically Earn Extra Money And Rewards

    This is a new site in which members complete offers and surveys for points and cash also earn Amazon giftcards, Amazon fulfilled rewards, digital game downloads, physical rewards, and The Magic Stash where members can purchase magic tricks etc. We offer cash payout via Paypal and Skrill. Payouts...
  15. Cryptonite

    Best Option For A New GPT Website?

    I'm currently in the process of gathering the needed information to start a new GPT website and I need help finding someone who can either make me a custom "PHP GPT Script" with a "Custom Design" or an already developed script and help with making a custom design for the already developed...
  16. Nightbreed

    BUY Done for now: Buying a couple sign-ups/referrals to a Cryptocurrency related contest. Easy $1 (International)

    As the title states, I am buying a couple of sign-ups/referrals to a Cryptocurrency related contest. Easy $1 (International) Please PM me if you'd like to do this sign-up. I will pay $1 USD PayPal to those who complete this task successfully for me. Current status: All set for now. :top:
  17. mfcristi

    GetCashFree - 0.1$ bonus

    Hello guys, GetCashFree is a site where you can earn from multiple ways : - CPU Mining - Auto-surf - Task Bonus signup : 0,10$, Revenue per minute /mining: $0.000200 pentru FREE/Basic , $0.000250 Silver , $0.000350 Gold , $0.000450 Platinum Offers Referral Commission : 20% FREE / Basic , 25%...
  18. k1890

    Google Play $10 Gift Card And Soul Fusion Special Edition Box

    I am doing a Giveaway on my site GPTLeader.Com and prizes will be a Google Play $10 Gift Card and Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Fusion Special Edition Box , to enter you will need a Coupon Code : [SoulFusionFree01] that will give you a 1Gem for free then you will need to buy a Giveaway ticket that will cost you...
  19. N

    New GPT website! -

    Hey everyone! I noticed that the website domain that i have in possession is marked as scam or unrecommended, I am currently the new owner of the website. I have the domain that had a previous ptc website associated with it back in 2012. please check out the website as we have 1$ minimum payout...
  20. Hyuga

    SELL Different web scripts!

    Hello everybody, I have several products (all developed by me) available for sale on my store, maybe some of you will find some of them interesting, but I let you check them. URL: BONUS - Get 10% discount using this coupon code (valid until 23 July 2018): TBN Enjoy :)