graphic design

  1. Pretorian

    Minimalistic design for an app

    Right now I am looking for a minimalistic grapic designer for my app do we have someone perfect here? If you have any portfolio or behance or simmilar please share. it is easy and fast task, just to create 2 windows for an app.
  2. Masood11

    I have Question about freelancing Graphic Design

    Hi, I'm a freelancer graphic designer and i rather work with dollar than worthless currency of my country but because of my country i can't use paypal and i'm limited to e-currencies or webMoney Is there any place that i can find projects and receive my payments in those platforms? and also how...
  3. EmpyreanSoul


  4. DogeHTDV

    Criticize my graphic

    Any thoughts or comments are welcome!
  5. EmpyreanSoul

    SELL GRAPHICS - High Quality logos, for as Low as $1.50

    Major update in process! Thank you for your patience.
  6. vjjokhnr1

    SELL Youtube designs and more

    Hi:wink:, I am student and in my spare time I like to do Graphics Design its not like my job, but its something i like and enoy doing. For now i dont take it as a income for me its just experience rather than profit:jew:. Well lets go straight to business. Price: 2$ Basic images (as shown down...
  7. Bill Gates

    SELL ★★★★ Bill Gates Graphic Shop [YouTube & Photoshop] ★★★★

    PAYMENT METHODS: Bitcoin [] PayPal [Gift Only] Some tips before ordering: - If you have a certain design which you wish me to take reference from, feel free to show me the image - Be specific ❤ Having a good channel design would IMPROVE your chances of getting approved by a network...
  8. laklaker

    I'll make you signatures [FREEEEEE]

    Hi! I'm going to give one my skills as GFX Designing to this forum. I'll make everyone free signatures! Format: Size: Color Scheme: Text: Additional addons: I'll try my best to do it as fast as I can. And thank you for giving me a chance to show off one my skill in the forum! :D